Endermologie for sport

Muscle recovery & sports conditioning


LPG, the creators of Endermologie have been the experts in connective tissue treatment for 30 years.

They are the key player worldwide reaching more than 50,000 health professionals with the endermologie technique.

The specialised patented technologies (treatment heads with motorized rolls or flaps) has proven efficacy in more than 140 high-level scientific studies and is supported by an International Scientific Research Committee (COSIRE).

Connective tissue

Connective tissue is the 'glue' that holds our bodies together. It is a vast network of cells and extra-cellular matrix that provides the body's basic and vital mechanical and functional support systems. It provides nutrition, allows for fluid exchange and protects the muscles, vessels, organs and tissues that support your entire body.

Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, made up primarily of collagen and elastin which can be classified by layer (superficial, deep or visceral parietal) or by its function and location in the body. Recent research suggests that fascia is a reactive tissue, contracting and relaxing like muscles and providing sensory feedback. In fact, some believe it may be responsible for much of the chronic pain and injury experience by athletes.

Sporting injuries may result in adhesions that build up between fascial surfaces potentially leading to pain throughout the body. 

Athletes traditionally resort to stretching, foam rolling and range-of-motion exercises to relieve this pain and discomfort, however this is time-consuming and will not assist with the other athletic enemy - delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is thought to be due to an increased release of metabolites into the tissue surrounding damaged muscle cells, resulting in swelling and discomfort.


Endermologie and Sports

Clinical studies have scientifically proven that Endermologie alleviates DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), improves local blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscle spasms, relieves muscle tension and increases functional mobility. Since Endermologie treatments also work to expel toxins trapped in the tissue, it helps athletes rid their bodies of the inevitable build-up of lactic acid caused by strenuous exercise.

As a result, Endermologie is popular with elite athletes from diverse sports such as soccer, cycling, triathalon, football, golf, skiing, rugby, body building and long distance running.

Endermologie is also believed to achieve a quicker recovery from injury when combined with physiotherapy.

So whether you're a seasoned marathon runner, a CrossFit athlete or a weekend warrior, Endermologie will take your training and recovery to the next level.