This article popped up on my newsfeed today from the awesome ‘Eat to perform’. […/fool-proof-two-step-process-…/]

22252063_mAnd as much as I agree with her “solution” in principle i.e. “1. Get stronger and 2. Stop caring so much about cellulite”, I know from personal experience that getting stronger often seems to highlight the issue and there are times when you can’t help but care.

I work hard to stay fit and healthy, so it’s a tad annoying when I still have those darned dimples! I also believe that when there’s a safe, natural, pain-free solution that works, why not take advantage? 

You don’t have to take my word for it either, there’s plenty of research and even more testimonials to prove that Endermologie works. Let me know if you’d like to see some of those scientific studies on here?

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Another cold wet day in Melbourne. Makes me dream about summer days and bikinis. If you dread the thought, come and see me about getting back to that smooth, toned skin to make sure you have no concerns about hitting the beach next summer.

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I loved talking to a client today about the usefulness of essential oils. They’re fantastic for everything from ‘taming’ kids to supporting our immune system. I use a beautiful blend of rosemary, grapefruit, cyprus, fennel sweet and cinnamon bark oils in my lush body cream. Perfect for increasing local circulation, relieving fluid retention and refining your skin, not to mention making you smell divine. Give me a buzz if you’d like to try it out.

Organic body lotion

Organic body lotion

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LPG Endermologie has been proved to be effective in various modalities in over 150 medical articles (clinical trials).

cropped-shutterstock_136815353-1.jpgOne of the most recent studies published in 2013 in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy [2013; Early Online: 1–5] concluded that:

“LPG endermologie seems to be an effective, well-tolerated and satisfying non- invasive technique for reducing cellulite grade, BFP, and body circumference measurements.”.

Let me know if you’d like to see the full article, which includes before and after pictures.

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If you or anyone you know is dealing with lymphoedema after a mastectomy, then it’s worth reading this study: ‘Effectiveness of Endermologie Technique in Post-Mastectomy Lymphedema’, Med. J. Cairo Univ., Vol. 79, No. 2, December: 1-4, 2011.

13590349_1201047049946354_3043442718364399365_nIn the study, 40 women who had been treated for unilateral breast cancer with secondary upper limb lymphoedema post mastectomy were divided into two groups. One group received Endermologie therapy sessions twice weekly for 4 weeks with compression bandaging while the control group received compression bandaging only.

Below are excepts from the findings: “The results of this study showed … the decrease of the arm circumference were significantly higher in the group (who) received the Endermologie treatment which may be due to facilitation of the lymphatic drainage from the affected limb by the use of the mechanized treatment head that allow continuous folding and unfolding of the skin under the continuous action of the rollers allowing for smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilisation. As the viscosity of the subcutaneous fat layer decreases, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, facilitating the elimination of excess fluid and metabolites and improving overall cellular function … the Ender-mologie protocol induced additional subjective benefits reported by the patients in terms of an improvement in arm range of movement, decrease of accompanied pain and softening of fibrotic tissues of the swollen upper limb.”

“It can be concluded that Endermologie therapy for a post-mastectomy upper limb lymphedema induced both objective improvement in the form of decrease upper limb swelling and subjective improvements in the form of decreased pain and improved the mobility of the affected limb. Upon the results of the current study Endermologie therapy can be recommended to patients with upper limb secondary lymphedema as a safe therapy without side effects.”

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Endermologie is recommended by the National Fibromyalgia Association in the USA as solution for the pain, fatigue, morning tiredness, work difficulty, stiffness, anxiety and depression associated with Fibromyalgia.

fibroIn a study presented at the Sixth World Congress on Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia, Dr Gordon et al found “a 50% improvement in the FIQ PFS, FIQ VAS [outcome measures] and pain scores.” “after 15 sessions of mechanical massage”.

You can find the full study here: ‘Use of a Mechanical Massage Technique in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia: A Preliminary Study. Chrisanne Gordon, MD, Clélia Emiliozzi, PhD, Marie Zartarian, MD.’

If you, or someone you know suffers from Fibromyalgia, please just give me a buzz on 0434 946 209 so we can work out a treatment protocol that can work for you.

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I realised after speaking with my younger sister the other day that there is a great deal of healthy skepticism about the efficacy of Endermologie for the treatment of cellulite. She actually asked, “but does it really work?”, which made me laugh, because she, of all people should know I’d never promote a treatment unless I was 100% sure that it did. Plus, I wouldn’t invite friends to try it if I was not positive it was going to make a difference.

bigstock-Cellulite-Skin-On-Her-Legs-52651474But, for those of you that don’t know me as well, let me reassure you that Endermologie does work. There have been many clinical studies done which show its efficacy across numerous different therapeutic areas, reduction of cellulite as well as symptoms of fibromyalgia, lymphedema and scleroderma. I have read the majority of these and am happy to share them with anyone who’d like more information. Plus, there is substantial testimonial evidence from all across the world demonstrating successful treatment outcomes in everything from sports recovery to cellulite reduction. 

Now, there is one caveat, some people have reported little to no benefit after a course of treatments, and this too has been investigated. It’s been proven that the Therapist’s technique makes all the difference to the outcome. See here for a summary of one such abstract: “Endermologie: taking a closer look. Shack RB. Abstract. Recent laboratory investigations have shown that various maneuvers in Endermologie® treatment, such as smoothing, kneading, and bouncing, create unique waveforms. Furthermore, the amount of pressure generated with each maneuver depends more on the operator’s technique than on the suction setting or the force of the spring-loaded rollers. This might explain the variable clinical results for Endermologie® that have been reported. (Aesthetic Surg J 2001;21:259-260.).”

In my opinion, some poorly trained therapists may, if they lack anatomical/biological knowledge, find it difficult to grasp why we use certain protocols to make the most of the Endermologie treatment. That’s why I ensure every individual gets a tailored program and encourage each client to take steps to make the most of their treatment with a thorough follow-up plan.

So, if you’re still not sure if Endermologie can make a difference, I urge you to check out some of the clinical studies, take a look at the many online testimonials and drop in for a free consultation so I can explain thoroughly about how and why it works.

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News in this week’s Australian Doctor magazine: According to revised guidelines from the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), that states “based on a review of 275 studies, which concluded that non-drug therapies should now be the first-line of treatment for fibromyalgia. There was strong evidence to support aerobic and/or strengthening exercise.” Unknown

So wonderful to see a move away from prescription-only medicine and I hope that Doctors will be encouraged to investigate and potentially recommend a low-inflammatory diet for Fibromyalgia patients also.
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So excited to be featured on a local website which showcases the finest aspects of our beautiful village: Live Love Mount Eliza.

Peninsula Endermologie

Peninsula Endermologie

To see the full article, please see here:

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In the following study: Treatment of cellulite: Effectiveness and sustained effect at 6 months with Endermologie. Ortonne al. Nouv. Dermatol. 2004; 23 : 261-269, the study participants were asked to complete a questionnaire.thumbs-up

Here is what they reported:
– 95% of the subjects report an improvement in their cellulite as early as Week 4 (W4)
– 80% report a further improvement at W4 and W8
– Smoother skin and less dimpled skin appearance is also reported as early as W4, and increases between W4 and W8.
– The mean efficacy score is 6 and W4 and 7 at W8 (scale from 0 to 10).
– 90 to 100% of subjects find the treatment ‘pleasant’ and/or ‘relaxing’ and/or ‘producing a sensation of well-being’.
– Immediately after the sessions a diuretic effect with urgency to urinate is reported by 21% and 30% of women.
– No reports of bruising, irritation, pain, or rupture of small vessels. 

Ongoing research and testimonials prove time and time again that Endermologie is an effective solution to cellulite, so if you’re still not convinced, come and see me and try it for yourself!

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New news on Fibromyalgia, take a look at the link:
Although this doesn’t offer a great deal of information, or any kind of resolution, at least we know that they’re getting closer to finding a solution. Here’s an excerpt from the article:
Researchers have found the main source of pain in Fibromyalgia patients,… stems from a most unlikely place – excess blood vessels in the hand.”  [Fibromyalgia sufferers have] “… an extremely excessive amount of a particular type of nerve fiber called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts. Neuroscientist Dr. Frank L. Rice explained: “We previously thought that these nerve endings were only involved in regulating blood flow at a subconscious level, yet here we had evidences that the blood vessel endings could also contribute to our conscious sense of touch… and also pain,” Rice said. “This mismanaged blood flow could be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue which are thought to be due to a build-up of lactic acid and low levels of inflammation in fibromyalgia patients. This, in turn, could contribute to the hyperactivity in the brain.”

The announcement has the potential to unlock better future treatments and undoubtedly has patients all over the world rejoicing that the mystery of Fibromyalgia has finally been solved.”

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Although most people are familiar with our blood circulatory system, our lymphatic system seems to be an unsung hero. Below I’ve explained  what exactly what lymph and our lymphatic system is.

What is lymph?lymphatic-system Lymph is a clear(ish) fluid made of white blood cells and chyle (which is fluid containing fats and proteins from the intestines).

As blood circulates around the body, fluid leaks out from the blood vessels into the body tissues. This fluid, called ‘interstitial fluid’, is collected through lymph capillaries that run throughout the body and becomes lymph. Approximately 70% of the lymphatic capillaries are superficial capillaries, located near or just under the skin. The remaining 30% are known as deep lymphatic capillaries and surround most of the organs of the body.

Unlike our blood circulation, which has a heart to pump the blood around the body and return it via the lungs to the heart in a continuous cycle, the lymph does not have pump, so its upward movement depends on muscle and joint movement. Lymph flows in one direction via these capillaries to the lymph nodes, where it is filtered, before emptying into the subclavian veins (located near the base of the neck), where it mixes with our blood.

The white blood cells in lymph are made up mostly lymphocytes. These are responsible for fighting infections in the body and are known to destroy damaged or abnormal cells, keeping us safe from infection and diseases.

So, the lymphatic system not only acts as our waste disposal, removing toxins and dead blood cells, it also helps to fight off diseases such as cancer and keep us healthy.

The largest lymph nodes are located in the neck, armpits, groin and stomach.  Often times it is possible to feel the enlarged lymph nodes in your neck/throat if you are fighting an infection.

Some of our organs are also part of the lymphatic system, including the thymus, spleen, tonsils and appendix. These are known as lymphoid organs.  The thymus produces t-cells – a lymphocyte that plays a key role in immunity. The spleen filters the blood, detecting viruses and removing old and damaged red blood cells. Tonsils also help to fight infections and the appendix is thought to assist in maintaining a healthy gut flora, aid in the movement and removal of waste matter in the digestive system as well as producing B and T-cells that fight viruses and bacteria.

If our lymphatic system is compromised, the lymph can collect in our bodies.  Many people will have experienced this when travelling long distance in an airplane. When the lymph is not being circulated efficiently it begins to ‘pool’ in our feet and hands, causing puffiness. This congestion of lymph means the protein in our blood is not being filtered effectively, leading to fluid retention and swelling. If this is allowed to continue over a long period of time, or becomes a chronic condition (for example after trauma or removal of lymph nodes), it is known as lymphoedema (spelt lymphedema in the USA) and can cause cellulite, fatigue, weight gain, cellulitis and reduced immunity to diseases.

Some common causes of lymphoedema are:

 – A sedentary lifestyle. As the lymph needs muscular and joint activity to move it around the body, inactivity will cause the lympathic circulation to become sluggish.

– A poor diet and environmental pollutants are also known to affect our lymphatic circulation negatively.

– Trauma or surgery may damage the lymph nodes directly (for example, removal of nodes after a mastectomy), or damage to the skin tissues causing restricted capillary action.

– Pregnancy and poor kidney function

So, what are the benefits of lymphatic massage by Endermologie?

Endermologie, using a gentle, negative-pressure massage, actively promotes a healthy, functioning lymph system, increasing lymphatic circulation by 300% for up to 6 hours post treatment

Healthy immune system

When efficient lymphatic drainage is restored, it allows a better flow of lymph through the lymph nodes and a satisfactory production of lymphocytes. These lymphocytes fight infections in the body and are known to destroy damaged or abnormal cells such as bacteria and cancer cells, keeping us safe from infection and diseases.


Although ‘detox’ has become a bit of a buzz word, it basically sums up the function of our lymphatic system which is to remove waste and deliver nutrients to nourish our bodies. A course of Endermologie is a perfect compliment to clean-eating and exercise, offering you to best outcome for your detox.

Increased energy

Lymphatic drainage with Endermologie can be a useful solution for people with low energy, as decreased energy may sometimes occur as a result of an illness caused by the retention of toxins in the body. With corrected lymphatic circulation, fluid retention will decrease, and toxins will be filtered and removed more efficiently.

Endermologie will also activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows the body to feel relaxed and calm.  An efficient parasympathetic nervous system has been proven to help decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and aid digestion.

Relief of Fibromyalgia and Scleroderma

Clinical studies have shown show that Endermologie provides relief of the pain, fatigue, morning tiredness, work difficulty, stiffness, anxiety and depression associated with fibromyalgia. Endermologie has also been found to improve sleep patterns, posture and allow an increase in the range of motion and overall quality of life.

As Endermologie is a gentle massage, using negative pressure, it is usually easier to tolerate than other, deeper forms of massage. Most people with Fibromyalgia report that they find Endermologie more comfortable than manual massage.

Treatment of lymphedema after surgery, and in particular, mastectomy

In a recent study, Doctors stated “Endermologie therapy for a post-mastectomy upper limb lymphedema induced both objective improvement in the form of decrease upper limb swelling and subjective improvements in the form of decreased pain and improved the mobility of the affected limb. Upon the results of the current study Endermologie therapy can be recommended to patients with upper limb secondary lymphedema as a safe therapy without side effects.”

Muscle recovery and sports conditioning

Clinical studies have scientifically proven that Endermologie alleviates DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), relaxes muscle spasms, relieves muscle tension and increases functional mobility. Endermologie also helps athletes rid their bodies of the inevitable build-up of lactic acid caused by strenuous exercise.

Endermologie is also believed to achieve a quicker recovery from injury when combined with physiotherapy and is popular with elite athletes across a diverse range of sports.

 Treatment of injuries and scars

Improved lymphatic circulation reduces swelling in the area around the scar and rejuvenates the skin tissues, including scar tissues.

Improved lymphatic drainage with Endermologie will also:

– Improve overall metabolism

– Improve the appearance of cellulite

– Assist in the breakdown and excretion of fat

– Reduce inflammation, therefore reducing pain and improving joint mobility

– Eliminate Water Retention in the body.

Note: If you believe you may have problems with your lymphatic system, it is best to visit your GP and explain your concerns.

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fibromyalgia-symptoms_0b10af0b10af000000Just took a quick look at this video about Fibromyalgia by Dr Robinson, a US Chiropractic Dr who treats a lot of patients with chronic pain.

He believes Fibromyalgia may occur as a result of inflammation in the body, caused by toxicity, with mercury or viral/fungal infections and/or food sensitivities, e.g. gluten sensitivity and possibly a hormonal response to physical or emotional trauma.

He states that “80% of the immune system begins in the gut”, presumably quoting findings from a 2009 article from ‘Seminars in Immunology’ which states: “IgA is the most abundant immunoglobulin isotype produced in the body (around 3 g/day) and it is estimated that around 80% of all IgA-antibody-secreting cells (ASCs) reside in the gut mucosa.” 

Although, I’m not sure if the claim of 80% is accurate, I do know that there is a large network of lymph tissue referred to as GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue) found in the gut which stores immune cells, such as T and B lymphocytes, that defend against unwanted cells such as viruses and cancer cells, so supporting lymphatic drainage is essential to our wellbeing.

Hence, Dr Robinson’s treatment plan is multifaceted. He starts with diet, removing potential toxins e.g. gluten and prescribes magnesium supplements and anti-inflammatory herbs, particularly ginger, turmeric and Japanese knotweed. He also recommends a detox and exercise program.

I would suggest that these lifestyle changes would benefit everyone, even those of us lucky enough to be free from chronic inflammatory conditions. I’d also add that we need to find ways to cope with stress, get plenty of rest and supplement our diets with Omega 3 fats (e.g. fish oils), natural probiotics (e.g. kombucha/fermented veggies) and bone broth, which would limit inflammation in our bodies and allow our immunity to thrive.

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Recently I wrote an article called ‘Health Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage), see 24th July 2016.Lymphatic circulation

I briefly explained what ‘lymph’ is and how the lymphatic circulatory system works. In this article I touched on some causes of ‘lymphoedema’, i.e. congestion of lymph leading to fluid retention and swelling.

I’d like to explain a little more about why lymphoedema comes about and what we can do to relieve it and in particular focus on lymphoedema after breast surgery.

In a nutshell, Lymphoedema happens when lymph does not flow through the body in the way that it should.


When the lymph system is working properly, fluid, carrying proteins, fats and white blood cells away from the body’s tissues, is collected by lymphatic capillaries and is transported in one direction around our body. The right lymph duct collects lymph from the right arm and the right side of the head and chest and the left lymph duct collects lymph from both legs, the left arm, and the left side of the head and chest. It passes through lymph nodes where waste is filtered and eventually joins the subclavian veins where it mixes with our blood.

When the lymph system is damaged or blocked, fluid cannot drain from body tissues, allowing it to build up in the tissues and cause swelling, which in turn may cause other problems with the skin and soft tissues. Lymphoedema is a progressive condition, which means it will get worse if it is not treated. Hence, it’s best to treat lymphoedema as early as possible to prevent it from worsening.

Lymphoedema can be either Primary or Secondary.

– Primary lymphoedema is a hereditary condition which happens as a result of an abnormal development of the lymphatic system, either at birth or later in life. It usually affects women more than men.

– Secondary lymphoedema is more common than primary lymphoedema and is caused by damage to the lymph system by infection, parasites, trauma, cancer, surgical removal of lymph nodes, radiation or scar tissue. It usually presents in the extremities, legs and feet, or in the case after breast surgery, in the arm and hand.

Stages of Lymphoedema

Stage 0:   In this stage lymphatic drainage is reduced, but the remaining lymph vessels are working efficiently enough to compensate and the swelling will not be not obvious. This may occur post-operatively, but most people will only report mild discomfort or numbness, tingling or fullness in the affected limb. Compression garments and gentle lymphatic massage is used to successfully treat this stage of ‘latent’ lymphoedema.

Stage I:   The lymph accumulates in the tissues, making the affected limb swell and feel heavy. Pressing on the swollen area leaves a slight indentation. Elevation and compression garments are used to manage this stage of lymphoedema to prevent progression to Stage II.

Stage II:   The limb is swollen and feels heavy and the skin is ‘spongy’ to touch. Fibrosis (hardening of the connective tissue or fascia in the skin) might develop and skin will start to feel hard. Fat cells may swell, causing excessive fatty tissue to develop. Pressing on the swollen area won’t create an indentation as skin will bounce back. Complex (or Complete) decongestive therapy (CDT) is used to relieve the pressure on the skin.

Stage III:  The limb will continue to swell until it is very large. The skin tissue may continue to harden and excessive fatty tissues are present. Lymphangitis (infection of the tissues) is now a possibility and untreated lymphoedema can lead to a further reduction in mobility or breakdown of the skin. Severe cases are known as Lymphostatic Elephantiasis. There is also a possibility of developing malignancy at this stage, known as lymphangiosarcoma. Patients can be treated with ongoing CDT or, in extreme cases, with surgery.

Diagnosing lymphoedema

 A doctor or specialist will diagnose lymphoedema by taking a clinical history and a physical examination. They will usually take measurements and photographs of the affected limb and track these over time. They may also order an MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) to get a clearer picture. Other screening methods include water displacement, perometers (which measures the diameter of the limb), bioimpedance (or body composition) measures and special imaging called lymphoscintigraphy which observes the flow of lymph on x-ray by using a radioactive substance that is injected into the lymph.

In the Western world, lymphoedema most commonly occurs in women after breast cancer surgery.

sentinel lymph nodeDuring breast cancer surgery (mastectomy or lumpectomy), some of the lymph nodes in the underarm (called axillary lymph nodes) may need to be removed. If the sentinel lymph node (the first lymph node that receives lymphatic drainage from a tumour) is the only one removed removed, there is less risk of lymphoedema occurring than if many lymph nodes are affected. These lymph nodes are then checked to see if cancer cells are present.

Surgical removal or treatment of these lymph nodes with radiation therapy may cause the lymphatic capillaries to become blocked, preventing lymph fluid from draining away. Lymphoedema post-mastectomy will usually develop within a few days to a few years of surgery.

Treating lymphoedema

There is no one ‘cure’ for lymphoedema unfortunately, but there are recommended treatments to help reduce the swelling and discomfort and return mobility to the affected limb.

Complex (or Complete) Decongestive Therapy (CDT).  CDT is an intensive program that combines 4 different treatment approaches including; manual lymphatic drainage, compression, exercise and self-care. Initial “Active” care takes place daily, for an hour or two, over approximately 2 – 12 weeks. In the “Maintenance Phase” elastic compression garments are worn during the day and foam bandages are worn at night. Exercises are maintained and self-manual lymphatic drainage is done for 20 minutes per day.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).  A light skin-stretching massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic system

Compression.  Layered foam bandaging or compression garments will help to control swelling.

Exercises.  With compression, special exercises will help to pump lymph out of the swollen area. For example, exercises may include arm pumps, deep breathing and eventually lifting weights.

Skin Care.  Clean and well-moisturised skin will help to prevent infections. Patients are advised to wear gloves whilst gardening, avoid having blood pressure and blood tests on that arm, avoid sunburn or any other trauma to the skin.

Endermologie treatment of lymphoedema

In a recent study, Doctors stated that “Endermologie therapy for a post-mastectomy upper limb lymphedema induced both objective improvement in the form of decrease upper limb swelling and subjective improvements in the form of decreased pain and improved the mobility of the affected limb. Upon the results of the current study Endermologie therapy can be recommended to patients with upper limb secondary lymphedema as a safe therapy without side effects.”

“The results of this study showed … the decrease of the arm circumference were significantly higher in the group (who) received the Endermologie treatment which may be due to facilitation of the lymphatic drainage from the affected limb by the use of the mechanized treatment head that allow continuous folding and unfolding of the skin under the continuous action of the rollers allowing for smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilisation.

As the viscosity of the subcutaneous fat layer decreases, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, facilitating the elimination of excess fluid and metabolites and improving overall cellular function … the Endermologie protocol induced additional subjective benefits reported by the patients in terms of an improvement in arm range of movement, decrease of accompanied pain and softening of fibrotic tissues of the swollen upper limb.”

A separate study compared Endermologie with manual massage and showed that: “Endermologie treatment has a 33% shorter treatment time than manual lymph drainage”.

What this means in lay-man’s terms: The gentle negative-pressure massage with Endermologie increases lymphatic drainage and mobilises fibrous skin tissue, reducing swelling and improving range of motion in the arm, decreasing pain and softening the skin. In fact, Endermologie was invented to create a more efficient and consistent massage technique for the treatment of scar tissue, so it is no surprise that clients report a faster outcome with Endermologie than with manual massage.

Note: It is important to see your health care provider if you have any symptoms of lymphoedema.

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It’s August tomorrow and as I’ve been promising a health-kick since June, tomorrow is finally ‘D-day’!
I’ve committed to more exercise and giving up sugar, processed food and alcohol for the month (with a few exceptions for special occasions).

So, to prepare, I’ve been clearing out my pantry, stocking up on fermented veggies, kombucha and homemade granola mix and I made a delicious chai mix this weekend (recipe below). I’m hoping this will help to stave off my sugar cravings in the evenings. I’ve added fresh turmeric as it’s such a wonderful spice and it’s so delicious. The only downside is that I still have yellow fingers!

Turmeric is said to assist in liver detox and fat metabolism, so is great for any detox regimen. There is research to suggest it may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and slow the progression of Alzheimers disease.
It’s anti-microbial, fending off bacterial and viral infections. It’s long been used as a treatment for colds in India and to fight depression. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory and is said to reduce the risk of some cancers. It’s wonderful for the skin, assisting in healing of wounds, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

RECIPE FOR TURMERIC CHAI (though I guesstimated a little)

– Grate a thumb-size knob of ginger
– and the same of fresh turmeric
– 1 cup almond or coconut milk
– 1 cup water
– 8 cardamom pods
– 8 black peppercorns (this helps digestion of the turmeric)
– 2 sticks cinnamon
– 4 star anise
– 4 black tea bags (or equivalent for loose tea leaves)
– 1 or 2 tablespoons honey (to taste)

You could also add cloves, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, vanilla etc!
Add the ginger, turmeric, almond or coconut milk, water and spices to a small saucepan over medium heat. Slowly bring to a low simmer and simmer for about 10 minutes, adding the tea bags in the last couple of minutes. Remove from heat and pour the chai through a sieve or mesh strainer. Add honey to taste. Makes approx 2 cups. Relax and enjoy!

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Considering liposuction for body contouring?

lipo-classI’ve looked after many patients who’ve had this procedure carried out and have seen some truly fantastic results (with good surgeons). It certainly has its merits, but of course, as with any surgery, there are also some risks.

If you’re considering ‘lipo’, I would strongly recommend that you follow up with a course of Endermologie to alleviate that post-op swelling and to make sure you get a lovely smooth finish by keeping that lymphatic circulation working effectively. 

Attached is an article about lymphedema that can occur after liposuction. It’s a little technical, but worth a quick scan if you’re looking into the procedure.

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lipoMany Cosmetic Surgeons recommend Endermologie as an essential part of the liposuction treatment plan.

The recommended protocol is to commence Endermologie treatment a few weeks prior to surgery (approx 7 treatments) to soften fibrotic skin and allow the canula to pass through the subcutaneous layer more easily.

Then 7 to 14 post-op treatments are recommended to optimise blood and lymph circulation which helps to reduce post-op swelling and bruising, as well as prevent scar tissue formation. 

Treatments last approximately 35mins, twice a week.

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I recently attended an information session regarding CoolSculpting as I was keen to see if it offered a viable alternative to liposuction or even Endermologie. Here are some of the differences between Endermologie and Coolsculpting.

1770-Endermologie-poster-24x36-USA-LR_webEndermologie uses a gentle, non-invasive suction and rollers to massage the skin and its underlying layers. This process, referred to as ‘mechanical cellular stimulation’, has been clinically proven to trigger the release of fat in the fat cells, smooth cellulite, and stimulate the cells that boost collagen and elastin production to help tone the skin. As a full body treatment, it treats the otherwise hard-to-reach subcutaneous and deeper fat, as well as improving the surface appearance of the skin. This means it contours stubborn areas of fat and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Endermologie improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention and help flush the body of waste. Treatment sessions generally last between 35 to 45 minutes and are administered once or twice a week for approximately 14 sessions, although, in some cases, improvement can be seen at around 6 to 8 sessions.

Endermologie treatments feel like a relaxing massage, and have no side effects.


imagesCoolSculpting uses a device that pulls (using vacuum) a small area of fat between two cooling panels in order to freeze the fat cells beneath the skin. Fat cells are damaged through direct freezing (-10 degrees) and the dead fat cells are then flushed out through the lymphatic system over a few months. Separate sessions are required for multiple areas, for example, if you want your ‘love-handles’ treated, that would require two hour-long sessions on separate occasions. Or if you wanted your whole tummy area, that would usually require 4 separate sessions.

CoolSculpting certainly seems to work as an (albeit more expensive), alternative to liposuction and limits risks associated with surgery such as infection, anesthesia, pain and longer recovery.

However as it does not affect the skin tissues, there is little to no effect on cellulite.


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Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.58.14 PMAs a conclusion to my research of the treatments which are positioned as alternative to Endermologie, I consulted, a website where patients can put their questions to Cosmetic Surgeons and receive feedback from those Doctors and other patients who’ve had experience with similar procedures.

Endermologie garnered over 85% positive reviews from women rating their treatment experiences. Here are a couple of examples:
“I had great results with this treatment. With a combined effort of me eating well for weight loss, Endermologie definitely helped with shaping, toning and reducing cellulite.”

“So, I did it, and I was pleasantly surprised,”. “The Endermologie helped. I could see the difference in the elasticity on my stomach, legs, and even my upper arms. It also leaves your skin with a smooth softness.”

In comparison with other treatments, there’s no doubt that Endermologie delivered in the ‘Worth it” rating!
Endermologie 85%
Coolsculpting 71%
Venus Legacy 67%
Velashape 58%

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exercise-1284370_1920Endermologie is commonly used in Europe to treat athletes preparing for and recovering from sporting events.

– Increases muscle performance
– Relaxes muscle tissues and stretches connective tissues
– Reduces lactic acid present in muscles
– Speeds up recovery
– Reduces swelling and bruising more quickly
– Relieves muscle aches, including DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
– Helps with recovery from tendinopathy and ligament sprains 

The ideal treatment protocol is for a treatment 2 days prior to the event and within 2 days after the event.

Here’s the scene to prove it: A study by P. Portero et al at Université Paris XII, Université de Technologie de Compiègne shows a faster relief of swelling, resulting in less pain on the muscle contraction and a quicker recovery with Endermologie.

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Cristiano-Ronaldo-CelebHealthy_comHere’s an excerpt from ‘SPORT & STYLE L’EQUIPE 26 SEPT. 2014’:

“Cristiano Ronaldo announced in the Spanish press that he regularly uses Cellu M6 (…) For the last few weeks, Cristiano Ronaldo has been off the field due to an injury. He therefore has medical reasons to use the palpate roll technique provided by the device developed by LPG Systems over 20 years ago. The original therapeutic purpose of this device was to reduce muscular adhesions. Regular CELLU M6® sessions should allow the Madrid player to not sit on the bench for too long. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only one to have used it. In France, several football and rugby clubs (Biarritz Olympique, Stade Toulousain, Stade Français and Montpellier) and swimming clubs (Marseilles Cercle des Nageurs) use this technology to prepare the body before strenuous effort, or to speed recovery.

In this particular case, the device supports muscular drainage to eliminate all toxins and lactates (commonly called lactic acids).

Finally, the CELLU M6® technique is also a good way to speed up the healing process after a muscular injury (muscle tension, edemas, fibrosis, inflammation and pain). We will soon be able to judge its effectiveness on the field.”

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crossfit-534615_1920World Bodybuilding recommends Endermologie for muscle recovery saying; “its been scientifically proven to be as much as 200% more effective than a manual massage for releasing built up toxins and lactic acid.”



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20160810_163615 (1)This is the gorgeous Maria. Trainer extraordinaire from France Medical/LPG. We hung out all day yesterday and played with that fabulous thing in the middle. My new baby. There is so much I want to share you about this. But first I’m going to spend the day getting better acquainted with my new bub!
Lots more details to follow!

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integral-2013-FRLes Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine, a well-established leader in the spa and beauty industry, recently announced the reader’s-choice winners of ‘LNE & Spa’s Best’ for 2016.

This year, hundreds of products went head to head and the standout was the Endermologie® Cellu M6® Integral, winning the coveted “Best Equipment for The Body” category.

So, if you want outstanding results for cellulite & body conturing and facial rejuvenation, Peninsula Endermologie has got you covered.

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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-57-42-amEndermologie offers the only scientifically proven, non-invasive treatment to get rid of cellulite. But there are some things you can do to prevent cellulite from worsening, or help to minimise its appearance.

Dr Axe suggests adding these essentials to your diet: bone broth, collagen and Vit C-rich foods, sulpher-rich foods (e.g. onions), potassium-rich foods (e.g. bananas), omega 3 fats (e.g wild caught fish & chia seeds). He also recommends a body lotion with essential oils (as sold at Peninsula Endermologie) and a regular exercise program (3 days a week for 20mins).

For more details book a consultation now on 0434 946 209.


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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-28-03-amLipomassage by Endermologie uses an action principle called Mecano-Stimulation that is recognized and proven by the scientific community to activate lipolysis – the natural release of fat, by more than 70%.

Now you can target and slim the areas that need it most (arms, back, stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs, etc.). Session after session, your bulges disappear and your figure is refined.

Call Niamh on 0434 946 209 for a complimentary consultation.


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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-29-11-amAlthough ‘detox’ has become a bit of a buzz word, it basically sums up the function of our lymphatic system which is to remove waste and deliver nutrients to nourish our bodies.

A course of Endermologie is a perfect compliment to clean-eating and exercise, offering you the best outcome for your detox.

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Fibro Peninsula Kids 2screen-shot-2016-09-05-at-2-42-30-pmHere’s an article I wrote for Peninsula Kids magazine (Spring 2016) as an awareness piece on Fibromyalgia.

Clinical studies have shown show that Endermologie provides relief of the pain, fatigue, morning tiredness, work difficulty, stiffness, anxiety and depression associated with fibromyalgia, as well as improving sleep patterns, posture, range of motion and overall quality of life.

You can access the full article here:

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lymphatic-systemSome good tips in here. Endermologie has been shown to work more quickly and efficiently than manual massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage, so if you feel you need a boost, give us a buzz to find out more now.

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This is an interesting read. I know a few people who eat less and exercise more to fight against weight gain, but this might not always be what your body needs for a healthy metabolism. In case you don’t have time to click on the link and read the entire article, Catherine from Butter Nutrition suggests that a sluggish metabolism may be as a result of not eating enough food (and in particular whole food carbohydrates) or other factors such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, toxic and stressful lifestyle, inflammation, e.g. from food sensitivities and over-exercising. She suggests that once you’ve identified the problem causing a slow metabolism, you can then use appropriate nutrition to support your recovery and be consistent and patient in allowing your body to heal.


3 Steps to Reverse a Slow Metabolism Naturally! (#1 is an eye opener!)


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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-50-20-amRodney Lohse reported on ‘Today Tonight Adelaide’ that “Adelaide researchers find shocking link between diet and depression.”  Not so shocking surely? It’s been a while since Hippocrates identified that “all disease begins in the gut”. Good that conventional medicine is catching up again.

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-4-55-18-pmConsidering having a tattoo removed? Come and see me before and after laser removal to stimulate your lymphatic system and ensure the toxins are effectively flushed out of your system.

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-5-04-42-pmEndermologie gets an amazing ‘worth it’ rating of 82% on online cosmetic procedure review site ‘Real Self”.

If you’ve been thinking about whether or not it’s worth it, check out the reviews on

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-5-08-23-pmOver the next few weeks I’ll be ‘exposing’ some of the lifestyle tips I share with my clients to help get them get the most out of their Endermologie treatments.

Number 1 has got to be: ‘DRINK PLENTY OF WATER’ (I know some of you are sick of me saying it already)!

Every cell in our body is composed of approximately 70% water, (though our brains are approximately 90%), so we need plenty of the stuff just for survival. As we naturally excrete water via sweat and other means, we need to constantly replenish our fluid balance. If we don’t, our circulation becomes more sluggish, which means that nutrients are not transported to our cells and toxic waste is not eliminated efficiently. 

As Endermologie works to stimulate circulation and speed up your waste-disposal system (i.e. lymphatic drainage), drinking plenty of water will support that process and speed up your results. Drinking water also supports cell generation which allows our Endermolift facial technique to work with greater efficiency. That means an improved complexion and less wrinkles for you!

Here are a few more reasons to drink that extra glass or two a day…

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-5-11-35-pmNo. 2 tip to get the most of your Endermologie treatments (and therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone & contour your body and boost the results of your anti-acing facial) is:

Eat “Clean”.

• Avoid processed food, e.g. processed salt, white bread, pasta, sugar, cakes, soft drinks etc.
• Avoid saturated fats including dairy, margarine & processed vegetable oils
• Eat plenty of lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, particularly lots of leafy greens & healthy fats (omega-3) from nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil and fish oil etc.
• Eat organic where possible
• Consider taking appropriate herbal / mineral supplements

There are lots of ‘diets’ that claim to be the most beneficial, but following the above simple guidelines will mean that you will start to see results from your Endermologie treatments even more quickly and maintain the health of your skin long into the future.,,20616602,00.html

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-5-15-09-pmNo. 3 tip for boosting your Endermologie treatment results: Seek professional advice regarding any potential food intolerances.

Many people have underlying digestive problems which often result in nutritional defences. If your body isn’t getting the nourishment it needs to thrive, then your skin will struggle to respond to treatments and progress will be slow. In particular, gluten seems to cause problems with many people, so if you suspect you might be sensitive to it, then it’s worth eliminating it from your diet for a few weeks and see if that makes a difference.

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-5-17-06-pmReady for another tip to help you get the most out of your Endermologie treatments? No. 4 is:

Limit caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Caffeine is known to increase our stress hormone (cortisol) and our sugar-regulating hormone (insulin) which can often lead to weight gain. It also limits circulation, meaning nutrients are not delivered as efficiently to the skin (to allow the skin to repair and maintain it’s ‘bounce’) and fluid builds up, causing water retention.
So it’s best to aim for no more than one or two cups of coffee a day if possible. 

Alcohol also causes fluid retention and swelling, and, because it has a high sugar content, it also leads to weight gain.

Smoking restricts circulation and is known to disrupt the formation of collagen. This exacerbates the break-down of the septa (connective tissue) and makes cellulite appear much worse.

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screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-13-07-pmTip no 5: If you want to reduce your cellulite, it’s strongly recommended to exercise regularly, preferably within 24 hours of your Endermologie treatment.

Scheduling a gym session or even a brisk walk after your Endermologie treatment is a wonderful way to mobilise those toxins (fat) and use it as energy. Remember every woman should weight-train, for bone health and overall strength, as well as long-lasting calorie-burning. That’s a whole other blog post!

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screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-22-14-pmWritten on one of the wettest days in a Melbourne spring I’ve ever experienced: Tip no. 6 on maintaining healthy skin and getting the most from your Endermologie treatment:

Avoid excessive sun exposure or wear a natural sun-block to avoid sun damage.

The irony is not lost on me! However, as always, I live in hope that tomorrow will be sunnier and I will need to follow my own advice!

Excessive sun exposure reduces the production of collagen and elastin (which keep skin firm and supple). Over time, sun damage will cause dehydrated skin which loses tone and vibrancy, as well as causing dark spots and wrinkles. Endermologie will go some way to reawakening collagen production, but ongoing sun exposure will continue to cause damage.

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screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-26-13-amResearch shows that sleep is vital for a healthy body, boosting our immune function and metabolism as well as supporting our brain function (i.e. memory and learning). Lack of sleep has been shown to cause inflammation, which is bad news for our long-term health. Inflammation is linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, arthritis and premature aging.

Inadequate sleep also causes weight gain, as our Leptin levels drop (i.e. our “appetite hormone”) and it’s well known that when you’re tired you’re more likely to crave high-calorie food. So, try and grab that eight hours a night or a ‘nanna nap’ here and there whenever you can.

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screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-5-22-01-pmDry-skin-brushing. It’s a pretty simple concept which does help, but for some reason I can never find the time to do it. If you’re more disciplined than me, then dry-skin-brushing is a great way to boost your Endermologie results.

Using a soft natural-bristle brush, brush your skin in a gentle circular motion from feet up (towards your heart) for about five minutes after your shower, then pop on some natural, organic moisturising body lotion (grab one next time you’re in).

The brushing action will gently increase the circulation to your skin, which stimulates your lymphatic system and the elimination of toxins. It will also help to exfoliate your skin and may even help to soften the fibrous fat deposits below the skin, therefore smoothing out the dimply appearance.

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screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-22-34-amTry to reduce your exposure to environmental pollutants and household chemical fumes, e.g. cleaning products and air fresheners.

Regular exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as bromine, benzene, formaldehyde and acetone (found in paint, carpets etc) are known to cause headaches, respiratory problems, allergies and even neurological changes. Some of these VOCs are also believed to be carcinogens (e.g. benzene). Commonly used air fresheners often contain phthalates, which are known endocrine disruptors and are particularly harmful to small children. 

As our bodies store toxins in fat, reducing the amount of toxic VOCs your body is exposed to will, in the long-term, reduce the appearance of cellulite and more importantly, help you to maintain a healthy body.

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-21-48-amGreen tea has been proven to have many health benefits, including lowering risk of some cancers, improving brain function, stimulating circulation and assisting with weight loss. Green tea reduces the ability to absorb fat and enhances the ability to use fat as energy, so is excellent if you’re trying to lose weight. It is also a well-known antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage (free radicals destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin, making it prone to sagging and wrinkles).

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-24-13-amI’ve got a whole list – ask me when you’re next in – but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

- Gotu kola, an ancient herb, can be helpful in stimulating the production of protein molecules and therefore increases collagen production. It also improves blood circulation which helps increase oxygen delivery through the capillaries.

– Horse Chesnut is an extract of the seed of the Aesculus Hippocastanum tree. Research has shown that it improves circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce excess fluid in areas affected by cellulite, and thus reduce its visibility.

– Antioxidants such as co-enzyme Q10, black pepper extract and cinnamon root extract are known to increase circulation.

But, remember, an anti-inflammatory diet of lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, particularly lots of leafy greens, plus healthy fats (omega-3) from nuts, seeds, avocados and fish oil etc. will provide most of your nutritional needs. I recommend you seek the advice of your medical professional if you are currently undergoing treatment or taking any other medications or supplements.

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-27-04-amHere at Peninsula Endermologie, we use our Cellu M6 for more than face and body beauty treatments. As a former nurse and CrossFit athlete, I am passionate about making the most of Endermologie’s therapeutic benefits.

Endermologie is widely used in Europe to optimize athletic technique, performance and recovery.

Endermologie’s deep tissue mobilisation increases blood flow, relieves muscle tension and spasms and increases overall functional mobility, while the unique roll and flap technology softens and reconditions connective tissue, ensuring a greater range of motion, fewer injuries and reduced DOMS (delayed muscle onset fatigue).

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-30-07-amOK, so I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure to treat Zinedine myself, but here’s a little video of him having a recovery Endermologie treatment in France.

It’s not just for elite athletes either, at only $45 for a targeted treatment, it’s perfect for anyone, be it a CrossFit athlete to a weekend warrior.

Give me a buzz on 0434 946 209 to find out more.

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-32-06-amApart from the fact that they don’t mention a crucial piece of information regarding the fact that cellulite occurs as a result of the degradation of the connective tissue (septa) in women’s skin, this article does explain the effect of toxins in worsening the condition.

This is why you ought to try and mobilse that subcutaneous fat as early as possible so that it doesn’t continue to worsen.

Endermologie is the world’s number 1 treatment to remove cellulite. That’s because it works. If you’re struggling to sort out yours, call Niamh for an appointment asap.

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screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-39-04-amWe made it! After a 60k trek through the Mornington Peninsula’s most beautiful scenery we were greeted by our gorgeous families with signs and champers! Reckon these faces made it all worthwhile. Thanks to our supporters we raised a significant amount of money for this worthwhile cause.


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screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-5-07-12-pmThis little info-gram explains why I encourage my clients to exercise after their Endermologie treatments.

Pictured here is a representation of a fat cell. Fat is stored inside the cell in the form of triglycerides. In our bodies, we have Alpha and Beta fat cell receptors. Alpha receptors control the accumulation and storage of fat and the Beta receptors control the release of the triglycerides from the fat cell as free fatty acids (FFAs). These FFAs and other toxins are then transported through the blood to be used as fuel wherever energy is needed, for example active muscles. 

Endermologie combines mechanical stimulation of the connective tissues (fascia) with a negative-pressure massage to stimulate Beta receptors to break down fat (a process called lipolysis), thus causing the release of FFAs and toxins into the bloodstream. If you exercise after your treatment (preferably within the first few hours, but certainly within 24hours), your muscles will use those FFAs as energy, ensuring the fat is not re-distributed and allowing those fat cells to shrink, giving you a better result.

Note, as Endermologie boosts your circulation, it also helps to speed up this process.

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Chuffed to take part in an awesome 25 days of Christmas celebration organised by the beautiful @thesubtlemummy. She’ll giving be giving away away some wonderful prizes from awesome brands, all owned and operated by some spectacular women.

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Click on the link to take a quick look at Endermologie in action. You’ll see one of the many pre-programmed protocols available which can be adjusted to suit each individual depending on their requirements, be it removal of stubborn fat, cellulite reduction or skin firming. And that’s only the beginning.

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Sending everyone much love and contentment this Christmas Season xxx

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Dr. Sara Gottfried (via GOOP) states that weight loss resistance is nearly always hormonally based in women. She says “Ninety percent of the time, I find that the main hormone that’s out of whack is cortisol (which ends up disrupting other hormones, too). Your body makes cortisol in response to stress, but most of us run around stressed too much of the time, and our cortisol is off as a result.

High or dysregulated cortisol levels wreak havoc over time, depleting your happy brain chemicals like serotonin, robbing your sleep, and making you store fat—especially in your belly. High cortisol is likewise linked to depression, food addiction, and sugar cravings.”

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After a week of eating my body weight in leftover tiramisu, I am so ready for a month of clean eating!

But I won’t be depriving myself – instead I like to add more nutritious and enjoyable foods to my diet so I actually feel like I’m treating myself. I always stock up on fresh berries and make a batch of creamy nut butter to enjoy with fruit.

Here are a few more foods to consider adding to your diet during a detox.

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I recently placed an ad on a local community Facebook page stating blithely that “Cellulite is so 2016”. Sure, it was pretty obviously tongue in cheek, but it elicited a response from a brave local who reacted with an angry face emoticon and a reply saying “cellulite is so reality”.

Whilst I applaud this person’s commitment to ‘keeping it real’, I have to admit, I do find it a little confronting that people are so quick to lash out and criticise without knowing the full story. I am fully aware that cellulite is real. As a ‘favourite’ pet-hate of mine, I’ve been studying it for years. I know why we get it, who’s most affected and that I should be totally cool about having it! 

Unfortunately, I’m not. I’ve had cellulite since my twenties. It’s prevented me from wearing clothes I would otherwise have wanted to wear and I’ve even turned down invitations to events where I felt it might be revealed. In short, it’s been a real pain in the bum (and thighs). I tried eating correctly and exercise and dry skin brushing and detoxes (though in fairness, I probably didn’t do those very well), but nothing worked, in fact exercise seems to make mine look worse. So, when I discovered Endermologie, I figured “why not?” and the rest is history.

When I launched this little business of mine 6 months ago, as an ex-nurse I was really reluctant to focus on the ‘cosmetic’ benefits of this treatment. Hence my early promotion materials discussed ways to assist people living with lymphedema, improve connective tissue disorders like scar tissues and assist in sports recovery.

The truth however, is that 98% of my clients come to see because they too hate their cellulite and you know what? As a society we fall pretty short in making people feel ok about that. I for one am happy to offer a service that works (honestly, there are clinical trials to prove it), is non-invasive and allows women just a couple of hours out of their hectic lives each week to relax and improve their relationship with their body.

Sure cellulite is real, but so are bad boyfriends, terrible grammar and people with bad attitudes. There’s nothing in the rule book that says we have to put up with any of that either!

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This makes for a very interesting read. If you have 5 minutes, clink on the link to hear how this Dietician responds to the poorly researched claims made by the DAA (Dieticians Association of Australia).

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Now here’s a bit of tech I’d like to try. An Irish innovation called ‘Aire’ is a hand-held breathalyzer device that figures out which foods disagree with a user’s gut and helps plan a diet that avoids them.

Think you’d use it?

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New evidence suggests that an imbalance in the gut microbes could be partly responsible for unruly behavior in children. This article (although a bit technical) explains how the brain develops, the role of the gut in this process, and how poor temperament in early childhood might be associated with gut microbial imbalance.

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Umm, my Mum told me this many moons ago, but a recent study has shown that diet – particularly dietary Glycaemic Index, saturated fat, trans fat, milk and fish – had the ability to influence or aggravate acne development.

If your skin is ‘acting up’, perhaps you ought to consider removing dairy from your diet?

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As well as detoxing our bodies during Feb, I’m taking a closer look at the the products we use around the house and trying to cut back on known toxic materials. Remembering that many of these toxins are absorbed and stored in our fat cells, so doing everything we can to limit them will reduce our chances of cellulite worsening. (I’ve written a little about these in a previous post – 27th October 2016).

This article by Dr Axe clarifies some of the most potent toxins:

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That feeling you get when one of your beautiful clients posts a happy review on your Facebook page! Sheer, unadulterated joy!

I am so honoured to be able to help these gorgeous women achieve their body goals and make wonderful new friends to boot!

#thankyoutuesday #takethatmonday #grateful #blessed #yesisaidblessed#endermologie #lpg #peninsulaendermologie #mteliza #melbourne#morningtonpeninsula #mornpen

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Yesterday I heard about a local Doctor who prescribed exercise for his elderly patients, with great physical, emotional and social results. And now, prescriptions for veggies. This is my kind of news!

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Endermolift facial by Endermologie. + 98% increased brightness of complexion
+ 21% smoothed wrinkles
+ 23% increased firmness
*Results from a study where skin (facial) biopsies were taken from 20 women and 10 men aged 35 – 50 years old.

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Most Endermologie customers across the world seek out Endermologie for the treatment of cellulite, and many other irregularities of the connective tissue or it’s often referred to, the fascia. 

Here’s a great article from Nourish Melbourne about what a healthy fascia means for women.

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LPG, the world leader in natural cellular stimulation, created Endermolift, the next generation in non-aggressive, anti-aging treatments to naturally rejuvenate skin from within.

With the ability to act deep within the dermis, Endermolift is the first and only technology in the world scientifically proven to increase the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 80% to leave a glowing complexion, with fine lines smoothed and plumped, and puffiness and dark circles eliminated.

Endermolift targets and naturally stimulates fibroblasts and fat cells, to boost collagen production by 23% and the natural synthesis of elastic fibres by 46%, dramatically improving the skin’s suppleness.

A 100% natural solution to firm, tighten and re-sculpt the face, neck, hands and décolleté in only a matter of weeks.

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Professor Humbert, Head of the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besançon [France] and Director of the Skin Study and Research Centre, carried out a one-of-a-kind study on the biopsies of 20 individuals who were treated on half of their face with Endermolift.

“This study is a world first that really proves the revolutionary effectiveness of Endermolift™, giving hope to those looking to stay young naturally,” says Professor Humbert.

“After analysing the biopsies, we could see how fibroblasts were able to move and secrete substances in skin that decrease as we grow older: collagen which makes the skin firmer, elastin which makes it elastic, and hyaluronic acid which keeps it hydrated.”

Endermolift™ uses micro-motor technology to boost tissue stimulation by 270% to tighten sagging skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as noticably boost the radiance of the skin’s complexion.

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I talk to my clients all of the time about the effects of hormones, particularly oestrogen and adrenaline, in maintaining a healthy equilibrium (and a cellulite-free body). This article explains why diet is so important and why simply calorie-counting is not enough.

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I love how with each client a new topic is covered and I learn so much from each conversation. Of course, I can’t help myself from sharing some of my learned wisdom too, and this morning I was extolling the virtues of bone broth. Not only is it easy and cheap to make, it has amazing health benefits. It’s my number one go-to if I’m feeling unwell and it’s amazing for your skin.

Here are a few more facts if, like me, you like a little scientific evidence:

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“The results: This type of technique is an ongoing process but I definitely noticed a difference in my skin after one treatment. I sneakily took note of any compliments I received over the coming week to see if anyone else would see a difference.

“How’s the baby’s routine going? You look fresher!” -School Mum (the baby’s routine has gone to pot FYI. Teething, solids, life)

“You look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep” -My Mum (No mum….no. Baby. So tired.)

“Your skin looks great!” -Lovely Friend (over cocktails. May have been a  bit drunk.)”


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This is an interesting read about the Epstein Barr virus (EBV), with the author suggesting a link to many chronic health conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Tinnitus, Vertigo and Meniere’s disease.
As a ‘cure’, he recommends a diet rich in anti-oxidant-rich foods and natural supplements. Certainly worth a read, although science doesn’t quite support the argument just yet.

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Any one else notice ‘Adaptogens’ popping up in food and lifestyle blogs more and more in the last few months? And for a very good reason! If you haven’t heard about them or started consistently introducing them into your diet, maybe it’s time to learn a little more?

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If you’re not doing it, then here’s a great argument for why you ought to start. I encourage all of my clients to practice it at least a few times each week and follow it up with an application of my lush, natural body lotion. Your body will thank you for it!




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Looking for something special to thank your Mum for everything she does?

How about a voucher for a classic face or body treatment? You’ll receive a FREE express treatment with every voucher purchased!

*Vouchers are for the classic treatment protocols (averaging 35 – 45 mins). Express treatment times average 15 – 20mins.

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I adore coconut oil, on my face, body and in my belly! Here’s why I use it as a base (along with shea butter) in my lush body lotion, developed especially to boost skin tone and reduce cellulite. Everyone that tries it falls in love with it! Call me on 0434 946 209 to grab a jar today, or use it as a perfect little gift for Mother’s Day.

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While a Paleo diet can’t ‘fix’ everything, studies show a natural, whole-food based diet (e.g a Mediterranean style diet) will benefit your long term health. This article explains the role of a few key hormones in achieving good health.

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Some great info. here about the effect of genomes on our metabolism. Especially useful if that darned “middle-aged spread” is becoming more of an issue.
Add a course of Endermologie to these tips to ensure an efficient lymphatic circulation and you’ll see and feel the benefits.

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I’ve been missing the goodness of my green smoothies in the mornings, but with this cold weather I’m just craving warmth. Starting the day with a cup of hot lemon water is just perfect. Add some fresh herbs, ginger and a little squeeze of honey for a lovely cleansing start to the day.

Lemon water will boost your immune system as it’s a great source of Vit C. It’s also an excellent source of potassium (which aids blood & lymphatic circulation, assists muscle recovery and supports your central nervous system) and is a great anti-inflammatory.

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Anyone ever tried this? I’ve heard of castor oil being used as a laxative and skin moisturiser, but never used as a type of poultice to stimulate the lymphatic system. I’m just a little skeptical and would love to find out more about this strange theory!

If you’re after something that’s been tried and tested to stimulate your lymph system, then Endermologie is most definitely what you’re looking for!

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Wish it was better news on this sunny Melbourne morning! Remember to slap on that sun block ladies (and blokes)!

Article from May 2017 Medical Observer magazine.

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I’m not quite ready for another detox just yet, although after Easter I feel like my diet is heaps better in any case.

Still, always good to be prepared for the next one.

Here’s some great info if you’re feeling the need to ditch the bad stuff and cleanse your body.

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This is really just the tip of the iceberg, but the outtake is: get more of these: Vitamin A (e.g. organ meat, eggs, grass-fed butter), Vic D (Sunlight), Copper (organ meat, shellfish) and Vitamin E (sunflower seeds, nuts, spinach).

And get less of these: PUFA fats (canola, soybean, soy & sunflower oil), excess iron (unnecessary supplements), excess estrogen – [you’ll really need a holistic Dr to check these levels out] and X-Rays/ultraviolet light.

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Took advantage of the glorious sunshine to go for a walk in my local area and deliver some flyers.

Give me a shout if you get one and mention this post and I’ll give you a free express treatment!

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A great article about how to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins by Dr Chris Kesser.

If you’re trying to reduce fat and cellulite, then consider taking some of these steps to help you detox.

Remember a course of lymphatic-stimulating Endermologie will also boost the detoxification.

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These are a little simplistic, but some of the suggestions regarding movement and horse chestnut supplementation are useful.

Remember that Endermologie is also scientifically proven to get great results in relieving lymphedema also.


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Warning. Do not click on the link if you’re squeamish, or considering cosmetic surgery any time soon.

As an ex cosmetic surgery nurse I’ve assisted in each of these procedures and many more that are even more invasive.

Hence my desire to help my clients to age ‘gracefully’, using non-invasive Endermologie techniques to prevent such ‘drastic’ measures.


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A little while ago I shared on this page that I’d found a secret ingredient to make my micellar cleansing lotion the best it’s ever been.
After a few attempts at making the micellar lotion with glycerin, which I found to be too greasy, I eventually substituted with castor oil and I just love how it feels on the skin.
Plus my clients love the scent of the added essential oils.

Since then, I’ve been discovering more an more uses for castor oil, apparently it encourages hair-growth (not to self, try on my eyelashes) and is great for lymphatic stmulation.
Here’s an article describing how you can make your own castor oil pack to help with pain or bloating.

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I love the idea of creating a ‘self-care’ plan, however I know the pedant in me would get anxious if I didn’t get everything crossed off the list, so this plan might backfire!

I am lucky that I naturally remind myself each day about how lucky I am and I tend to see the joy and beauty in everyday happenings. If you love a list, take a look and see if you can adapt this to your lifestyle!

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I’ve been extolling the virtues of a high fat diet with my clients for some time now (healthy fats of course).

This makes for an interesting read and that avocado looks so pretty!

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Some good tips in here for maintaining healthy skin. If you don’t have time to read the full article, (or can’t stand the blatant advertising of products), then to sum it up; she recommends:

– Eating well, i.e. plenty of healthy fats, cruciferous veggies (in particular leafy greens) and adding anti-inflammatory spices (e.g. turmeric)
– Getting plenty of sleep
– Dry body brushing to stimulate your lymph
– Using natural cleansers and a face mask
– Keep well hydrated

P.S. I’d also recommend adding more collagen-rich foods into your diet (e.g. bone broth), cutting back on sugar and trying to eliminate as much stress as possible from your life (easier said than done, I know!) and of course, some Endermologie! (Oops, how’s that for blatant advertising!)

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I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this beautiful lady today and treated her to an Endermolift facial by Endermologie.
Here’s what she said about her visit…

“This was fun. Today I treated myself to a facial at @peninsula.endermologie
Niamh (pronounced Neeve) is super cool and half the stuff she told me went over my head because I was just enjoying her accent (watch my Insta story to hear it). I hate facials because I always end up having a break out afterwards but this one was non invasive and actually quite relaxing. This little handpiece hickey’d (new word alert) my face and the flaps (ew flaps) gave a gentle pinch. It works on your circulation and helps produce collagen under your skin. (I’m pretending I know what I’m saying but I just stored the buzz words in my brain). I didn’t want it to end. My face was flushed and warm for a little bit afterwards, which I loved, and ever soft.
If you feel like escaping the real world (it was only a 40min drive for me), head down to Mt. Eliza and treat yo self!
There’s even a bigger version of this for cellulite on your body. Cellulite vacuum for the win ? .
#endermologie #facial #massage #treatment #mumpreneur#smallbusiness #sahm #girlboss #lmbdw #mummyblogger #notaponsored #genuinelove “

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Confused about what fat to use when cooking? If cooking on high heat my go-to’s are ghee or coconut oil.

But I also use plenty of olive oil and butter in low-temp cooking.

Here’s some facts about the benefits of coconut oil over processed oils (like canola).

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Here’s ‘My body & Soul’s’ advice regarding getting rid of your cellulite. A few good points in here, although I’d prefer to see the list of ingredients in the product they’re suggesting as so many of these products are full of chemicals which the body struggles to process and therefore just add to the toxic load and eventually make the problem worse.

Also, they mention mesotherapy and ‘lipolysis injections’ which are highly controversial injectable treatments with quite a few reported cases of severe side-effects – so I’d steer well clear of those! Velasmooth is a relatively new treatment and is very sparse on data, so again, until I’ve seen more research, I’d be hesitant to spend my money on it.

Is there anything else you’ve heard of or tried in the name of getting rid of cellulite? Over the years I’ve tried a few and researched many, many more and I keep coming back to Endermologie as it’s tried and tested and I know it works.

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One of the most common questions I get asked is “How can I lose weight quickly?”

Although I always feel a long-term approach works best, I know that sometimes a quick-fix is required! So I’ve put together some tips on how to lose weight fast.

<<< warning - long post ahead! >>>

How to lose weight fast.

1.Move your body

Consciously look for opportunities to move your body. Schedule a gym class or a run, if that’s your thing, at least 3 times a week. If your weight-loss deadline is imminent, try and increase that to a workout every day. It doesn’t have to be a 15k run, just a 10 minute high-intensity workout with weights or 20 minute up-hill power-walk will do the trick. Focus on your large muscle groups like your thighs and buttocks to get your metabolism fired up and keep that calorie burn happening for longer.

On the days where you just can’t face the gym, call up a friend and go for a walk, or if you’re headed to the mall, park at end furthest away from where you’re going and make a dash to the other side. For example if I need to grab something from Rebel Sport in my local shopping centre in Frankston I’ll intentionally park at the K-Mart end. Then I’ll sprint-walk to the other side as quickly as I can, taking the escalators or stairs and dodging in and out of human traffic!

2. Ditch the carbs and in particular, gluten.

That doesn’t mean you ought to start buying gluten-free products off the shelf, but just try and cut right back on processed food. The closest you keep your diet to ‘real’ food, the more your body will thank you for it. Obviously, if you’re working out every day, you’ll need to monitor your energy levels and if you start to feel exhausted, it might be time to allow more of the healthy carbs, like potatoes, fruit and even some ‘healthier’ grains like rice or quinoa back in.

3. More about diet. After all they say ‘abs’ are made in the kitchen.

Grab more time in your day by skipping most of the supermarket! All of my friends know I adore Aldi, so it’s no surprise that I’ve got my routine down-pat. Here’s a little map of how I do my ‘shop’. On a good day, I walk through the doors and sprint past all the confectionary, chips etc until I get to the olive oil, vinegars and canned food. I grab my tinned tuna and whatever else I need from there, then dash past the pasta and ‘ready-made sauces’ and grab loo roll and napkins and hurrah, I’ve made it through the worst bit!

Now all I need to do is browse the meat section (grass fed beef and lamb and free-range chicken or pork), avoiding any of the pre-marinated stuff, then grab any fruits and veggies I need to top up. [I get most of my fruit and veggies home delivered from a local green grocer]. Next I grab my dairy (yoghurt for the kids, cheese and butter), eggs, nuts and seeds, dessicated coconut etc and lo and behold I’m almost done! I always take a look at the frozen fish (they’re now stocking fresh tuna – hurrah) on the way out, totally ignoring that bakery section! If you just can’t live without bread, then sourdough is the way to go.

4. Increase the amount of healthy fat in your diet.

Healthy sources of fat such as nuts, avocado, coconut oil etc will help stave off hunger for longer and won’t trigger the same insulin ‘high’ as processed carbs. When we eat more fat we produce more of a fat-burning hormone called adiponectin. Adiponectin naturally helps to boost our metabolism and stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat from the fat cell allowing the release of those fat molecules into the circulatory system, making it available for use as energy).

5. Drink more water.

Make sure you have a water bottle with you in the car, at work, at home etc. Staying hydrated is fundamental to maintaining a healthy lymphatic circulation and efficient elimination of toxins. Better ‘flushing’ them out than storing them in fat!

6. Sub your normal tea and coffee for green tea.

Two key ingredients in Green tea (Caffeine and EGCG) have been proven to stimulate the metabolism and lipolysis (fat breakdown).

7. Commit to a plan.

Be it ‘Whole 30’, ‘Feb-Fast’, ‘Dry July’, ‘Mission Hot Bride’ or whatever it is. Make weekly goals and then tell everyone so you have to stick to it. When you hit your weekly target, reward yourself with a nice massage or an experience you really enjoy.

8. Make that massage an Endermologie massage.

Endermologie is clinically proven to stimulate fat loss and because it boosts lymphatic circulation, it helps your body to detox so much more quickly.

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Here’s a virtual representation of how the skin is gently drawn into the Endermologie hand piece (aka Ergolift treatment head), mobilsing fat and releasing it inyo our circulatory system. It also increases access to allow better drainage of lymphatic (waste) fluid and promotes better oxygenation of the skin (through increased capillary action). And last but certainly not least, it manipulates the connective tissue (fascia) to boost collagen production and create more youthful skin. Studies show that tissue stimulation is increased by a whopping 270%.

The Cellu M6 Integral handpiece is designed to treat most of the body, but we use various other hand pieces depending on what our client’s objectives are. With more than 86 endermologie protocols to choose from, there’s a program to suit everyone and at Peninsula Endermologie we’re LPG trained to adapt these to each client’s needs.

To find out more and try it for yourself, call Niamh on 0434 946 209.

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Nathalie Guitay, President of LPG (and Daughter of Louis Paul Guitay, founder of LPG).

“Our experience treating the most serious skin conditions (scars, fibrosis, lymphedema, burns, etc.) and studying connective tissue for over 30 years only strengthens our belief in the skin’s intrinsic abilities. 0 risk. 0 side effects. Always results.

Intelligently stimulated, the skin is capable of undergoing amazing transformations: boosting the production of rejuvenating substances (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) for firmer skin, activating fat cells’ elimination process to reshape your figure, stimulating fluid exchanges for a deep detox effect.

Our endermologie® technique was developed to make the most of this natural potential in a completely non-invasive, non-aggressive, pleasurable, and safe way. We are convinced that a healthy and respected skin is the key to a beautiful figure and radiant, youthful skin.

#NoInjections #NoScalpel #NoRisk #NoSideEffects#ScientificallyProvenResults

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Thank you to gorgeous Emma for sharing your experience here at Peninsula Endermologie!

If you want to check it out go and take a look at her awesome blog @marvellousmorningtonpen

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Loved meeting these inspiring folks, (here’s me with Maria and Mila from France Medical) and Nelson Philippe (Grandson of Louis Paul Guitay – LPG) as well as Endermologie practitioners from all across Australia.

More pics up on instagram @peninsula.endermologie

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Here’s a little background of the story of France Medical’s involvement with world-renowned LPG. So proud to work with the France Medical team in sharing Endermologie with my little pocket of Australia.

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Some of these suggestions (e.g. the vampire facial) make me cringe a little, but I wholeheartedly agree with the last recommendation.

And it’s not just for celebs. I bet you’ll be surprised by how affordable it can be. Just pop in for a free consultation and lets get you rocking curves like Beyoncé!

Tel: 0434 946 209

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Is your skin looking less than glowy?

Tired of spending the equivalent of a small country’s national debt on products that claim to reverse the signs of ageing, but don’t actually deliver?

Want a couple of simple tips to keep it looking smooth and soft and feeling like a baby’s bottom?

First of all, take a good hard look at all of those products you’ve accumulated over the years. Go on. Read the list of ingredients on the label. If the list of names goes beyond 4 or 5, or you struggle to pronounce some of the words, then there’s a pretty good chance the product you’re putting on your skin is a chemical poo-storm.

Many well-known products, cheap, mid-range cost and even the uber – expensive ones contain a whole heap of stuff we ought to avoid putting on our skin at all costs. There’s artificial colours and fragrances, parabens (used as preservatives and are known endocrine disruptors) and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is a known trigger for breathing and kidney problems. Each of these, and many more toxic ingredients not mentioned here, can be absorbed into our skin, our circulatory system and into our fat cells, all adding to the toxic load that our bodies struggle to fight every day.

Obviously we all know that the aim of the game is to try and reduce our exposure to toxins as much as possible, so what’s a girl or boy supposed to do when it’s winter and our skin rebels and we need rescuing fast? Well, I may just have the solutions you need!

And, I promise you, it’s more cost-effective and simple and natural than you could ever imagine!


First of all, let’s talk exfoliation. Over time our body generates new skin cells, shedding the old ones like leaves building up under a tree during Autumn. If those old cells are left to accumulate, they can make the surface of the skin look dull, dry and a far cry from that dewy look we all love. When left to their own devices the old skin cells will eventually try and create their own moisture, making the skin appear more oily and clogging up our pores, which is when we start seeing zits appearing! Exfoliation is simply the act of getting rid of those old skin cells, thereby allowing the newer, fresh skin to shine through. There’s a theory that a good exfoliation will stimulate the production of that magic ingredient, collagen, to boost a more youthful appearance, however the science is a little sketchy and I believe that to boost collage, we need to target a deeper layer of skin rather than just the surface.

So, what to use? Please, please stay away from microbeads. For such teeny things, they cause a huge mount of environmental damage. Salt scrubs are OK, but with sensitive skin like mine, it’s far too abrasive and leaves my skin feeling a little too ‘raw’ and fine. Plus, because of my Irish complexion, I really need to re-densify to help manage my rosy glow!

So here’s my tip…drum roll please…use a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate).

Yes, I’m serious, reach into your pantry, grab a few tablespoons of coconut oil and a few tablespoons of baking soda and mash it all together with a teaspoon. If the coconut oil is soft this will be easier, but you can add a teeny splash of filtered water too if you need to loosen it up. For a little more indulgence you can add a little squeeze of honey or if you’re in the throes of a break-out a couple of drops of tea-tree will be your best friend.

In case you think I’ve gone entirely mad, let me explain my choice of ingredients. Coconut oil is made up mostly of medium chain fatty acids which means it’s easily absorbed by the skin, it has a long shelf-life, contains Vitamin E which is a known antioxidant and therefore has anti-aging properties. It’s also credited with strengthening underlying epidermal tissue, acts as a natural sunblock, is naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Hello! What’s not to love?

And baking soda. Baking soda has been used as a cleanser from its earliest inception. It has a mild abrasive action to help slough away those old skin cells and it also has natural anti-bacterial properties. I love it because it feels so gentle on the skin, though I do get a tingly sensation after a minute or two, but it washes away easily, leaving my skin glowing.

Are you convinced yet? Let me tell you how I apply it. Firstly I grab my jar (I make a big batch and store it in a clean glass jar), and scoop a teaspoon out and place it in the palm of my hand. Then I massage it with my fingers until it becomes nice and soft and looks more like a paste than a clump of icy cold coconut oil. Then I simply use my fingertips to massage it all over my face and décolletage. When it’s time to clean it all off, wet a face-washer with warm water and gently wipe all of the residue away. It might take a few goes. My skin usually feels ‘dewy’ enough from the coconut oil that I don’t even need to apply any more moisturiser afterwards.

So that’s tip number 1. But let me tell you, if you really want to get your skin looking its best, then tip number 2 is to boost the production of new, collagen-rich skin cells from within. A healthy diet and proper hydration will go a long way towards that, but if you want to see results more quickly then you must try Endermologie!


Even immediately after one Endermolift treatment (i.e. Endermologie facial), your skin will feel softer and your complexion will glow. Endermolift by Endermologie stimulates the skin to wake up the fibroblast, the key youth cell. This stimulation, as effective as it is pleasant, reactivates the natural anti-aging processes.

Endermolift is the first and only technique in the world that has been scientifically proven to increase natural hyaluronic acid synthesis by more than 80% to re-volumise the dermis and smooth wrinkles.

It has been proven to stimulate elastin synthesis by more than 46% for a skin that is more resistant to multiple muscular micro-contractions, which are often the source of expression lines.

The technique produces new high-quality collagen and eliminates degraded collagen fragments to detoxify the skin.

This natural and pleasant anti-ageing technique restores the delicate tissues of the face, neck, décolletage and hands, firming and smoothing away lines and wrinkles without the use of electrical currents, injections or chemicals.

The skin is visibly redensified and replumped from within. The signs of aging fade away while the face’s natural expression is preserved.

  • The complexion is 98% more radiant
  • Facial contours are redefined
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed
  • Skin density is increased
  • Cheekbones appear higher
  • Improves the appearance of under eye bags and circles
  • Firms and tones the skin, lifting the eyes and jowls
  • Lips are plumped
  • Double-chin is toned
  • The face appears rested and less tired.

So instead of investing in expensive face creams that have dubious (if any) proper evidence that they work, perhaps you ought to consider investing in a treatment program that will make a significant difference to your skin. No pseudo-science, no needles, no risk, just a relaxing and effective anti-aging facial that delivers real results.

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Anyone reading this in the Chemist Warehouse ‘House of Wellness’ catalogue and thinking “that sounds like me”? If you have poor circulation and are feeling the effects of the cold this winter, remember that Endermologie will boost your cardiovascular circulation by 400% for at least 6 hours after each treatment.

My clients find twice – weekly treatments are wonderful to maintain that circulation boost and relieve the discomfort of cold hands and feet.

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Here’s a small selection of some of the facials I offer with Endermologie. However I tailor each treatment to the individual depending on their requirements.

If any of these sound good, book in to try it for yourself.

Tel: 0434 946 209

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Although I haven’t tried the 5:2 myself (I know if I intentionally tried restricting food on certain days, I’d end up obsessing about food and getting grumpy!), but I love that he’s promoting a healthy balanced diet full of healthy fats, veggies and natural ferments.

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#Repost @beautycrew ・・・
This week we got to trial the @lpgendermologie machine that can targets cellulite and smooth skin’s texture. It was a bizarre concept at first however we were quickly relaxed – it felt like a gentle massage all over. ?

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Congrats to @lpgendermologie_my who won the ” Her World Beauty Awards 2017 Judges’ Choice for Best Body Treatment” for LPG Endermologie.

This state-of-the-art treatment:
✔️Naturally targets the fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.
✔️Gently mobilizes the tissues to boost circulatory exchanges.
✔️Activates stubborn fat release.
✔️Smoothes cellulite.
✔️Noticeably firms the skin, wherever you want.

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A good read from Dr Axe

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Such a great article, as always, from Mark Sisson. There are very few of us exempt from the struggle of having a negative body image. Fundamentally I believe if we start by embracing the best of us and rewarding ourselves by treating our bodies with respect, then the rest tends to fall into place (more or less). What do you think?

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Positive reviews make my heart sing, plus the feedback I hear every day from my clients who prefer not to ‘go public’ with their praise makes me so grateful for my ‘work’.

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Fascinating research which offers hope to so many.

If you don’t ave time to read the full article, the out-take is pretty simple: cut back on high-glycemic foods (refined carbs & sugar), exercise regularly, get enough sleep, reduce toxic exposure, nourish your body with real food (supplement if necessary), treat any known disease, keep your brain active and avoid stress!



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After so many years of hearing the opposite message, many people still struggle to believe fat is necessary in their diet.

Hopefully this study will start to shift that perception.

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Endermolift is the first and only technique in the world which has been scientifically proven to increase natural hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80%.
– Hyaluronic acid +80%
– Natural elastin +46%
– Radiance +98%
– Smoothed wrinkles +21%
– Firmness +23%
Breakdown of collagen is prevented and there’s synthesis of new, quality collagen.

“An extensive, rigorous scientific study proves that mechanical stimulation helps the skin produce hyaluronic acid.”¹

Prof. Philippe Humbert, head of the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besancon and Director of the Skin Study and Research Center, tells us about the study conducted with LPG’s new facial technology: the Ergolift treatment head.

This study is based on an analysis of biopsies² from 20 subjects who were treated on half of their face.

“How does the new Ergolift technology help treat skin aging?
After analyzing the biopsies, we could see how fibroblasts were able to move and secrete substances in the skin that decrease as we grow older: collagen which makes the skin firmer, elastin which makes it elastic, and hyaluronic acid which keeps it hydrated. We demonstrated that the new treatment head had a very effective impact on the major causes of skin aging.

Collagen degradation was stemmed while already fragmented collagen was removed twice as fast, resulting in the synthesis of new, endogenous helpful collagen that redensifies the dermis (firmness improved +23%) and smoothes wrinkles on the skin surface (-21% wrinkles).

The natural synthesis of elastic fibers increased by 46%² to improve the skin’s suppleness.

And the unexpected discovery: the natural hyaluronic acid synthesis increased by 80%², effectively restoring the skin’s volume.

It was interesting to see how coordinated mechanical stimulation changed the phenotypic behavior of fibroblasts and their ability to produce extracellular matrix. These results prove that this technology acts deep within the dermis and brings visible results to the surface of the skin. It is truly a new, effective approach that makes a name for itself alongside other types of skin aging solutions.”

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French football team, Paris Saint-Germain, are about to take delivery of their specially-branded Endermologie machines. Taking sports performance and rehabilitation to a whole other level.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to play like Neymar to enjoy the benefits of Endermologie. So if your muscles and fascia need some TLC, Niamh at Peninsula Endermologie will sort you out.

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Know any brides-to-be that are looking for some safe and effective treatments for beautiful skin? Here’s what a few ‘nearly new-weds’ thought about their first experiences with Endermologie facials.

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Ever wondered why you’re still reaching for the flannelette sheets when hubby is throwing the covers off? Well, that same sub-cutaneous fat that causes our cellulite to appear worse is partly to blame. But, although it may not feel like it, it’s actually doing us a big favour. If you’re a data nerd like me, read on!

P.S. It doesn’t mean we need to live with cellulite. Having subcutaneous fat is one thing, allowing the deterioration of our connective tissues (fascia) and build up of lymphatic fluid is another thing entirely, so there’s still every reason to use Endermologie to boost your circulation and get rid of your cellulite!

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As always, Mark Sisson breaks down a compacted subject and explains his theory for healthy hormones, which in turns means a healthy metabolism and a thriving body.

If you don’t have time to read the full article, this is how he suggests we regulate our hormones in a nutshell:

– Get plenty of sleep
– Eat a well-balanced diet
– Exercise with intensity (not longevity) and move your body when the opportunity arises.
– Find ways to lower your stress levels
– “Discover meaning in your life” – i.e. do what makes you feel satisfied & happy
– Take notices of changes and measure results
– Have some exposure to natural elements (heat & cold)
– Get professional advice

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I love an inspiring tale of a person who takes a bad situation and uses it to make the world a better place. Here’s the inspiring story of Louis Paul Guitay, founder of LPG.


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I’ve put off writing this post for a long time, as I know the gargantuan machine that is “Ashley Black Fascia Guru” probably wouldn’t take very kindly to it. But this week the subject came too close to home and now I feel compelled to share my humble opinion on the ever more infamous “Fascia Blaster”.

I bet you’re wondering what got me ‘all fired up’ all of a sudden? Well, this week I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful young lady, who, like me, has struggled with cellulite for most of her formative years. She, like me, had done a tonne of research about cellulite over the years, had a pretty sound knowledge of anatomy and was clever enough to understand that there are no quick fixes for the problem. And, yet still, during a visit to Peninsula Endermologie this week she brought into my clinic her very own ‘Fascia Blaster’ to ask my opinion on it!

Cue awkward silence.

When I’m faced with a choice between telling people what they want to hear (i.e. in this case, I probably ought to have said something along the lines of; “I’m sure it has merits and your hard-earned money has been well-spent”… or telling the truth as I feel it, then I just can’t help myself, the truth will always win over!

So, I had to be honest and advise her that I consider it a poorly thought-out instrument of torture. Now, I know there are heaps of testimonials on Ashley Black’s website claiming it’s efficacy in getting rid of cellulite and even helping people cope with chronic pain disorders, but let’s face it, her website isn’t exactly neutral territory is it? It’s worth noting, that many independent reviewers were not as impressed:…/ashley-black-fasciablaster. The Fascia Blaster is marketed in a clever and relentless fashion, but in my humble opinion, it could harm both wallet and skin.

First of all, the thing HURTs. Even its advocates admit that. Apart from the odd quirky soul, most humans are programmed to avoid pain. And there’s a good reason for that. Pain means injury to the body and although the human body is remarkably good at healing, it’s still a process that creates inflammation and stress. In the short term, inflammation means extra fluid in your interstitial tissues, causing an increased workload for what may already be a sluggish lymphatic system. So, in essence, it’ll just make the problem worse. And in the long run, we know that inflammation and stress are two prominent factors in early morbidity.

The theory behind the Fascia Blaster is that it “opens and loosens” fascia to “lesson the look of cellulite”, “make muscles function better”, “break up fat”, “improve soft tissue pain” and “increase blood flow”. Sounds great right? Almost too good to be true? And you’d presume such lofty claims would be backed by science and approved by the American medical governing body the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wouldn’t you? But, nope, there’s no science here. No approval by the FDA. No scientific studies whatsoever and no proper factual evidence at all that the thing does what it says it’s supposed to.

Recent studies (proper clinical ones), do show the benefit in maintaining a healthy, supple fascia (or connective tissue as it’s known in the medical field). And all of the benefits listed above are associated with a healthy fascia. However, what hasn’t been proven is that Ashley Black’s instrument has had any benefit whatsoever on any of these conditions. Now, I love a good testimonial and even better, seeing the evidence for myself, but I also value the rigour and accuracy of a decent clinical study. Without this evidence, these claims simply become marketing tools, spouted only to sell more product and no doubt make Ashley Black a fine profit.

While I have no problem with anyone making an ‘honest’ living, my concern is that in the wrong hands, the Fascia Blaster can injure people’s skin and might even cause permanent damage. At its very essence, the Fascia Blaster is designed to make you bruise your skin. Now, the odd bruise here and there is not very problematic. But significantly bruising your skin on an ongoing basis can cause numerous problems. Think broken blood vessels or spider veins, poor skin tone (yep, that’s right, saggy skin) and skin pigmentation (haemosiderosis). If you really want to scare yourself, take a look at this rather dramatic account of what might happen if you severely damage your fascia:…

The very idea of causing injury to skin in order to improve a condition is not a new one in the cosmetic and beauty world. However, if there is a non-invasive, painless, clinically-proven alternative, surely we owe it to ourselves to treat our skin with the care it deserves?

If you’re struggling with the appearance of cellulite and are after some tips to help lessen its appearance, then you’ll find a heap of info on this page: There are 11 tips to help you make a real difference to your skin and most of it won’t cost you a cent. If you’ve tried these and you’re still not seeing a great difference, then I urge you to try Endermologie. It’s safe, respects the skin, is scientifically proven to work by over 140 clinical trials (many published and peer reviewed in respected clinical journals) and has over 30 years of expertise behind the technology.

If you have any more questions about cellulite or are tempted by some of the ‘miracle cures’ that are promoted to treat the condition, please have a chat with me first. I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction, and you’ll always be guaranteed an honest answer!

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Don’t read if you’re squeamish, but please do read if you’re considering any cosmetic procedure and haven’t done too much research about the procedure or who’s doing it for you.

I see so many cheap deals on groupon every week offering fillers, botox and cosmetic tattooing etc etc and although many of these places are probably legit, it scares me to think there are plenty of dodgy backyard-alley ‘salons’ out there offering treatments to clients that they’re not qualified or equipped to perform.

As an ex-cosmentic surgery nurse, I’ve seen a fair few ‘fails’ and would urge everyone to get at least 2 professional opinions before carrying out any procedure that might have long-term consequences.…/my-face-became-infected-aga…/8946230

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I’ve been wanting to post this for ages now but really, really wanted to make sure I’d read it thoroughly and understood every nuance before I did. However, I’ve realised that I may not have the time to do this in the next few weeks (at least) and perhaps someone else will benefit from reading it (or listening to the podcast) before then.

There are some great points from Robb Wolf, Research Biochemist and author of “The Paleo Solution” (another excellent read) and Chris Kresser, much-respected leader in the field of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine.

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“One of the West Coast’s best-kept beauty secrets, the body ”contourier” Megan Simon uses endermologie, sunless airbrush tanning, electrical currents, pet products and plain old good advice to make her celebrity clientele look slim, trim and cellulite-free.”

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Although I advocate eating as close to nature as possible which means avoiding any food with a label, it’s all but impossible in this day and age. Because our lives demand convenience, we need to eat processed food occasionally, so it’s important to know exactly what’s contained within the packaging.

Food labelling can often be confusing (if not deliberately misleading). Here’s a simple tool to help you figure out what’s good and what’s not.

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Here’s a little sneak peek of the fabulous Mornington Peninsula Magazine, November 2017 edition!

Guess who’s on page 70?

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Doctors agree that Endermologie is a tried & tested way to smooth away cellulite.

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RHR: Can Your Paleo “Template” Include Grains & Legumes?

Chatting with a client about this today and couldn’t remember the details about why Paleo advocates avoid grains & legumes in their diets. And why vegetarians and vegans typically have much higher rates of nutrient deficiency. This article answers a lot of these questions.

As with most things in life, it seems preparation and balance are key.


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Feel like you’re doing everything ‘right’ and you’re still struggling to lose weight? There are many factors to play and one important factor that should not be overlooked is your stress level.

Women, in particular, are affected greatly by cortisol (the “stress hormone”) as, in order for our bodies to manufacture cortisol, we often deplete our progesterone levels, leaving us with too much oestrogen. Some experts call this condition “oestrogen dominance”.

Oestrogen dominance is widely associated with weight gain, water retention, inflammation and many correlating health and wellness issues.

Pre-menopausal women who have too much oestrogen often have a ‘pear-shape’ body type with more weight at the hips, and menopausal women (and men) often present with an ‘apple-shape’ with excess fat stored in the abdominal area.

Excess estrogen is known to be a risk factor for obesity, even in people who eat well and exercise regularly.

Tune in soon for some suggestions about what you can do if you suspect this might be an issue for you.

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Last week I wrote about oestrogen dominance and it’s effect on weight retention. Here’s a good article on how to help naturally balance hormones.

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So, it’s the 1st December and the countdown to Christmas is on!!


For the next 24 days I’m going to write one tip a day to help you keep your body healthy, achieve effective, sustainable weight loss (if that’s what your body needs), minimise the factors that cause cellulite to worsen and feel good in your skin!

So, let’s get started!

Tip. No. 1 Move your body

Exercise is vital for your body in so many ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. Just a quick 5 – 10 minute high-intensity workout will fire up your metabolism (so you burn away toxic fat more effectively), stimulate your blood & lymphatic circulation to help with detoxification and boost oxytocin, your ‘feel-good’ hormone.

On a superficial level, it’ll help you look good in a bikini, but more importantly, in the long run, regular exercise can prevent chronic disease. I’ll come back to talk about types of exercise, e.g. benefits of rebounding etc soon. But in the meantime, get out and do whatever gets your blood pumping!


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Our bodies are composed of almost entirely water (70% – 90%), so we need plenty of the stuff just for survival. As we naturally excrete water via sweat and other means, we need to constantly replenish our fluid balance. So , in order to ensure our organs and digestive system are all working to their full potential, most people need at least 1.5 litres of water a day.

If we don’t drink enough water our circulation becomes more sluggish, which means that nutrients are not transported to our cells and toxic waste is not eliminated efficiently (and that can compromise our immune system). Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps and mood swings.

As Endermologie works to stimulate circulation and speed up your waste-disposal system (i.e. lymphatic drainage), drinking plenty of water will support that process and speed up your results. Drinking water also supports cell regeneration which allows our Endermolift facial technique to work with greater efficiency. That means an improved complexion and less wrinkles for you!

So, go ahead and pour yourself a glass right now!

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A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will show in your skin.

For example, veggies that naturally contain Vitamin C such as capsicum, tomatoes, broccoli & kale will boost your collagen levels to leave your skin feeling supple.

Veggies containing antioxidant-rich vitamins A & E such as carrots, chard, sweet potatoes and pumpkin will help to protect against free-radicals and toxins (that are known to accelerate the ageing process, making skin look more ‘tired’) and vitamin E can also help to protect against sun damage.

And let’s not forget spinach, wild mushrooms, green peas and carrots which are all great sources of selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral that will help to increase skin elasticity and firmness and can also provide protection from sun damage as well as reducing the effects of sun damage that has already happened.

So eat that rainbow for gorgeous skin! P.S, in most cases veggies are most nutritious when eaten raw, so avoid over-cooking!

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Do your skin a favour and make dry skin brushing party of your routine every day (or every two or three days).

First grab a good quality dry brush, ideally with bristles made from natural materials such as boar hair (soft) or cactus (aka agave, tampico or sisal) which is a bit tougher.

Then, 5 or so mins before you hop in your shower, brush your skin lightly starting from your feet and working your way up your body, always brushing towards your heart. Avoid brushing your face (unless you have a special softer brush), your genitals, broken skin or varicose veins.

There’s no need to apply too much pressure, just do what feels comfortable. Some areas like the inside thighs will be more sensitive, so be gentle and don’t feel like you need to ‘scrub’. Your skin should look a little pink but not scratched or red. Ideally, it’s nice to allocate around 5 to 10 minutes to this self-care ritual, but just 2 mins will do!

Then hop in the shower and afterwards pop on some natural, organic moisturising body lotion (grab one next time you’re in) to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The brushing action gently increases the circulation to your skin, stimulating your lymphatic system and the elimination of toxins. It also helps to exfoliate your skin, encouraging new cell renewal, and may even help to soften the fibrous fat deposits below the skin, therefore gradually smoothing out cellulite.

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Tip No. 5 in the Christmas Countdown is to find ways to reduce your stress levels.

Our bodies are magnificent. They’re automatically wired to respond to situations to keep us safe and free from harm. As soon as our bodies perceive a stressful situation (sometimes even before we’ve had time to process it mentally), our bodies will have primed our central nervous system (CNS) to react with a ‘fight or flight’ response.

The hypothalamus in our brains perceives a threat and sends a message to our adrenal glands to release the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Whether the ‘threat’ is being chased by a sabre-tooth tiger or hurriedly looking for a pair of clean school socks 5 minutes after you’re supposed to have left home, our bodies will react in the same way, quickened heart rate, increased blood pressure, tightening of muscles, quickened breath and sharpened senses.

Which all sounds kinda great, except that after a few hours or even a few days in this ‘alarm’ stage, our bodies will become completely exhausted. If the stress continues, it can cause sleep problems, memory loss, reduced immunity and generally leave you feeling worn out and miserable.

Most of us know that stress can result in emotional over-eating (and/or making poor dietary choices), but there is also research to suggest that ‘stressed’ women metabolize fat and sugar differently, so they end up gaining more weight (typically around their waist) than women who ate a similar diet but reported low stress levels.

Chronic or long-term stress can not only leave you with mood swings, anxiety, weight gain and malaise, it will also show in your skin as it diminishes water, oxygen and essential vitamins. Skin will often show signs of distress like excess oil, spots and/or acne, rosacea and a dull complexion.

Some schools of thought suggest that humans are designed to deal with stress for about 5% of our day, however the reality is that most of us spend around 95% of our days feeling stressed. Whether it’s dealing with public transport, technology not being nearly quick enough, crazy schedules and bloomin missing socks, it all amounts to the same result – high cortisol levels.

So, it’s vital for us to make conscious decisions to reduce our stress levels. If we can omit the cause of stress, then that’s wonderful, but I bet those socks will stay missing for longer than I’d like, so it’s good to try techniques to help you cope a little better.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but really whatever helps you to ‘slow down’ and relax will do the trick.

1. Practice deep breathing techniques (Check out Wim Hof for some seriously inspirational breathing techniques)

2. Learn to meditate (e.g. you can use visualisation techniques, promise yourself 5 mins to sit quietly each day, or meditate using art or music)

3. Get out in nature. Take a walk, go for a swim, lie on the grass – getting out in nature has so many benefits that are only just now being really understood

4. Find an exercise that you love. Yoga, CrossFit, Karate, whatever, as long as it gets the heart pumping and the body moving, it’s all good

5. Meet with a friend to chat and laugh. After all, laughter is really the best medicine.

6. Have a massage. Massage will relieve stress and help with any aches and pains, so it’s a win-win. Plus an endermologie massage will make your skin look fabulous, so what’s not to love?

There are just a start. What do you find works best for you?

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Have you got your copy of @gohealthiermagazine yet? Check out pages 68 & 69 to read all about Endermologie.

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Have you got your copy of @gohealthiermagazine yet? Check out pages 68 & 69 to read all about Endermologie.#lpg #endermologie #natural #noninvasive #massage #cellularstimulation #lipomassage #nosurgery #noneedles #nopain #fatreduction #cellulitetreatment #nomorecellulite #firmskin #tonedlegs #tonedbody #tonedarms #fightfornaturalbeauty #peninsulaendermologie #mteliza #melbourne #morningtonpeninsula #mornpen

Posted by Peninsula Endermologie on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Research shows that sleep is vital for a healthy body, boosting our immune function and metabolism as well as supporting our brain function (i.e. memory and learning). Lack of sleep has been shown to cause inflammation, which is bad news for our long-term health as it’s been linked to diabetes, heart disease (including high blood pressure & heart attacks), stroke, depression, arthritis, obesity and premature aging.

Inadequate sleep causes weight gain as when we’re over-tired our leptin (the “appetite hormone”) levels drop so we find it harder to regulate our appetites and feel hungry more than we should. Also, it’s well known that when you’re tired you’re more likely to crave high-calorie, junk food.

Sleep deprivation also causes skin to age more quickly as our bodies are designed to create more growth hormones and actively repair cells and tissues whilst we sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep, the repair process is slowed down resulting in signs of ageing such as pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, under-eye circles & bags and sagging skin.

The ideal amount of sleep varies somewhat between most people, but generally, it’s recommended that adults get at least 6 hours sleep a night and preferably between 8 to 10 hours.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most, and best sleep possible!

– Try to get to bed at the same time every night. If you think you’ll struggle getting to sleep a little earlier than normal, create a relaxing routine beforehand, e.g. have a cup of chamomile tea or a warm bath just before.

– Avoid caffeine (and other known stimulants, e.g. nicotine (cigarettes), alcohol, guarana etc.) for at least a few hours before bedtime

– Exercise in the morning or early afternoon, but avoid anything too strenuous right before bedtime

– Turn your TV, phone and another other blue-light emitting screens off at least an hour before heading to bed. Read a book instead!

– And last, but not least, try to sleep in a quiet, dark and cool room

Do you have any other tips for a great night’s sleep?

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Day 7 of our Christmas Countdown. Anyone else wonder where this week has gone?

Here’s Tip No. 7 – If you smoke…stop!

Cigarette smoke is extraordinarily toxic and results in the premature death of more than 50% of lifelong smokers. Smoking affects every aspect of our health, causing lung and heart disease, autoimmune diseases, eye disease, bone disease, reproductive disorders such as infertility and cancers that result in death.

There are very few people who don’t realise the significance of this, however there are still plenty of people who are in the throes of addiction, or turn to cigarettes in times of stress or even the odd ‘social’ situation.

So, if the ‘bigger picture’ isn’t utterly terrifying to you in a way that makes you want to seek out help you stop smoking, here’s a look at what smoking does to your looks. After all the idea of this countdown is to spur you along to make health changes that will support your Endermologie treatments and achieve your body goals. Of course these points are by no means the biggest motivator for many people (not should they be), but perhaps reading them might help you decide to kick the ‘habit’ once and for all?

Cigarettes / tobacco smoke contains thousands of substances that damage the skin. For example carbon monoxide is known to deplete the oxygen in your skin, resulting in damage to blood vessels and eventually tissue death (necrosis/ gangrene).

Then there’s nicotine, which also reduces your blood circulation, depleting it of vital nutrients, including vitamin C, which we need to protect and repair damaged skin. Nicotine also speeds up the breakdown of the collagen in your connective tissues (fascia), which causes it to lose elasticity and suppleness. Therefore, a smoker’s skin essentially ages more quickly than that of a non-smoker, leaving many smokers with dry, coarse skin, facial wrinkles – especially those tell-tale lines around the mouth, sagging skin, ‘bags’ and dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone – sometimes with a grey or yellow tinge and pigmentation.

Smokers are also more prone to skin disorders such as acne, delayed wound healing, increased risk of infections, psoriasis and other autoimmune and inflammatory skin conditions.

Although smoking isn’t usually associated with weight gain, we know that nicotine has complex effects on our hormones, and research suggests that although the short-term effect of smoking might decrease our appetite and increase our metabolic rate, the long-term changes seem to increase appetite and decrease our metabolism. Although it’s not known how exactly, many scientists believe that nicotine stimulates increased cortisol (“stress” hormone) which alters the balance between male and female sex hormones, leading to increased fat storage. A 2009 Dutch study confirmed that smokers had more visceral fat than non-smokers. Visceral fat means ‘deep’ fat that’s stored in the abdominal cavity which is wrapped around the major organs, including the liver, kidneys and pancreas. This visceral fat is a known factor in the increased the risk of diseases such as diabetes. This fat is generally much harder to get rid of than subcutaneous fat and usually looks like your archetypal ‘beer gut’.

So, if you want to stop smoking or know someone who should, here are a few suggestions to help you/them quit:

• Online/ telephone support:

• Ask your friends & family for support – the more people you tell you’re quitting, the harder it is to back down!

• Write down a list of all the reasons you want to quit and pop it where you’ll see it every day, at your desk, your bathroom mirror, the fridge door etc.

• Take up a new hobby or find something you enjoy doing as a distraction, e.g. try meditation, commit to going to the gym or go for a walk every morning. If you start the day out right, it’s easier to stay on track

• Avoid situations where you know you’re likely to be tempted – especially in the early days

• Consider hypnotherapy or other natural therapies such as acupuncture. Consult a naturopath for additional support

• Set yourself targets, e.g. take it day-by-day or week-by-week, or just missing the cigarette you usually smoke after lunch. Then celebrate each milestone.

• Talk to your GP about nicotine replacement

• If you fall off the wagon, hop right back on. Don’t dwell on the ‘failure’, just keep pushing through with the intention always being to quit for good.

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Don’t panic, I’m not telling you to cut coffee out of your life, because let’s face it, you’d stop reading now if I said that, wouldn’t you?

Coffee isn’t all bad, in fact, there are heaps of studies linking coffee to favourable health outcomes such as a reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers disease, colon cancer and liver cirrhosis to name a few. However, the reality is that coffee is a very acidic drink that can raise cortisol levels (stress hormone) which in turn will affect other hormones, e.g. oestrogen.

The caffeine in coffee is a known stimulant, so, it’s fabulous to get you moving in the morning, but it can cause blood vessels to constrict, which means the circulation to your skin can become compromised and the delivery of antioxidants and nutrients to promote collagen production will be less efficient, meaning skin is less nourished.

Coffee is also a diuretic so if you drink too much (more than 3 – 4 cups a day) it can make you urinate more and might therefore end up dehydrating your skin, leaving it looking wrinkled, dull and blotchy.

Plus, if you take milk with your coffee, it can lead to excess sebum production (oily skin) which can trigger acne. Also milk is one of the most commonly self-reported allergens in the world, causing inflammation which may lead to a whole host of health issues. And of course, if you can’t take your coffee without sugar, then that can increase your inflammatory response and cause glycation, which results pre-mature ageing.

However, it’s not all doom & gloom. Many people find that starting the day with a bulleproof coffee is a perfect compromise. You get to enjoy the benefits of coffee whilst reducing some of the risk. Bulletproof coffee is basically a good quality coffee blended with MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) or coconut oil plus grass-fed butter (e.g. Westgold). The healthy fats contain vitamins A, D, E & K & K2 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which have been shown in studies to reduce body fat mass whilst sustaining energy for several hours.

Once it’s blended, it’s really quite tasty, but if you think it sounds less than palatable, there are loads of ways to pimp it up! For example, add a teaspoon of cinnamon for additional anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory benefits. Cinnamon can also reduce insulin-resistance, therefore lowering blood sugar levels and is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. I also love a teaspoon of cacao in mine. Cacao is also a great source of anti-oxidants, an excellent source of iorn, magnesium, calcium and it naturally boosts serotonin (the “feel good” hormone). You can also add Maca to balance hormones and energy levels and/or a good quality collagen powder (e.g. Great Lakes) for a protein and essential amino acid boost.

Can you think of any other way to pimp your coffee to make it work a little harder for you?

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Yesterday I talked about pimping your coffee, today I’m going to suggest you ‘wear’ it too. Just for a short time, whilst in the shower! I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard this, but coffee scrubs are awesome for your body.

A good coffee scrub should contain only natural ingredients, with coffee and another exfoliating component like sugar or salt. Many contain oils that help to replenish the moisture in your skin and some essential oils that stimulate circulation etc.

So, why bother with a coffee scrub?

First of all, it’s a great exfoliator, sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new skin underneath. Also, scrubbing your body will help stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation and coffee has the added benefit of caffeine which acts as an additional circulatory stimulant. Plus, the natural antioxidants in coffee are proported to help to fight free radicals and slow down the skin’s ageing process, leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

Some studies also suggest that coffee scrubs can have a lipolytic effect on fat cells, which means it can help break down the subcutaneous fat in the skin, plus, its diuretic effect can reduce swelling so that over time, it can gradually smooth away the appearance of cellulite.

Grab one of Peninsula Endermologie’s  organic coffee scrub, with coconut oil, brown sugar, a little castor oil, ground arabica coffee and my divine essential oils chosen especially to detoxify, boost circulation and tone up skin (each chosen to compliment your Endermologie treatments) next time you’re in (or send me a message on 0434 946 209 to arrange pick-up or delivery). It’s a perfect stocking filler, just in time for Christmas!!

Only $20 for 250g.

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First of all, lets start with the very basics. Everybody’s skin is different. Any decisions on which moisturiser to use can only be based on individual trial and error. But I do believe that most of us have some common ground and that the choice of which, if any, products to use should not be quite as complicated as the beauty industry would have us believe.

I know my Granny used Oil of Olay pretty much every day of her adult life and her skin was just amazing. I will never forget my Grandad referring to her complexion as “peaches and cream” and let me tell you, he was not the kind of man you would have thought would notice these things! Her secret was not the moisturiser she used she claimed, but she was adamant her skin stayed supple and fresh because she never used soap, only water to wash her face.

Of course, L’Oreal, Dermalogica, Clinique etc. etc. wouldn’t be too pleased with this kind of skincare advice, with so much of their advertising dollars spent trying to sell us the next “miracle” cream! However the truth is, our skin will usually look amazing if we eat well, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. What goes ‘on top’ is not really too big a deal.
First and foremost, many products that are marketed these days are very similar in their chemical make-up, I really do believe that with a few exceptions, the only big difference is the cost of packaging and marketing.

So what should we look for in a moisturiser? Number one tip is to try and find a product that’s as natural as possible. As with foods, if we can’t pronounce what’s on the label, we probably shouldn’t be using it on our skin. Most commercial moisturisers contain a combination of water, preservatives, silicones, mineral & polyunsaturated oils, alcohol and artificial colours and scents. Some can mildly irritate the skin while others are downright toxic.

Like most processes in our bodies, once we nourish ourselves and support good health, our skin tends to look after itself. It naturally exfoliates itself regularly, with old, dead skin cells dying away, sloughing off and being replaced with new skin cells. If this process is interfered with and the dead cells are not sloughed away efficiently, it may slow down the production of new cells. Unfortunately, some moisturisers might hinder the exfoliation process and actually stunt the cell turnover, leading to a dull, tired complexion.

There is also a belief that if we use artificial products on our bodies, our bodies become accustomed to these artificial products and become ‘lazy’, i.e. it doesn’t work as hard to regulate its moisture producing cells (e.g. hyaluronic acid) and instead puts up with the replacement, even if it’s far less effective in the long run. The other problem is that when we apply moisturizer, it alters our skin’s natural balance of proteins, water and lipids. This could result in dehydrated and irritated skin which could lead to a breakdown of the tissues leaving us vulnerable to infection.

So, the best advice is to stop and think about whether your skin really needs a moisturiser. If your skin is looking dry, then increase the amount of water you drink for a few days, try some gentle exfoliation and see if that helps. If not, choose a natural moisturiser with as few ingredients as possible. I recommend a blend of coconut oil and shea butter with some essential oils to tackle any skin issues, e.g. tea tree & lavender for breakouts, cypress & rosehip for anti-wrinkles and grapefruit & juniper for cellulite.

What do you think? Do you have a product you swear by? Or do you try a variety of products and can’t really notice much of a difference?

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To minimise the risk of developing or worsening cellulite, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight-fitting.

I know those Lorna Jane leggings and tight jeans make your pins look amazing and are great at stopping the ‘wobble’, but the problem with wearing anything that’s compressive for very long is that it restricts your subcutaneous (skin tissue) circulation.

The pressure applied from a tight-fitting garment, squeezes in on the skin tissues and can actually slow down the subcutaneous circulation. This restriction of capillary blood flow means that your skin’s tissues will not be properly nourished and oxygenated, plus, your lymphatic drainage can be compromised. If your lymph can’t flow freely, you can end up with a build-up of fluid in the interstitial tissues which can lead to worsening cellulite.

Continual wearing of restrictive clothes has been linked to broken capillaries and even varicose veins, so it’s best to avoid these problems by wearing loose fitting clothes most of time. It’s also worth noting that tight underwear can be the biggest culprit, with seams digging in below the buttocks causing extra dimpling! So, limit the spanx to occasional wear only to avoid making the problem worse.

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Rebounding, in case you’re wondering, is a fancy word for jumping up and down! Ideally using a trampoline to get that ‘g-force’ which causes more of a gravitational shift, allowing your internal organs to lift, and the muscles and connective tissue to stretch out and therefore become more supple and stronger.

Rebounding is also fantastic at stimulating our lymphatic system, which is like our body’s waste-disposal system, responsible for removing excess fluid and toxic waste from our skin cells, filtering it through lymph nodes and finally back into our bloodstream. If our lymphatic system becomes sluggish, then toxic fluid can build up in our cells, leading to swelling, restricted movement and cellulite.

Unlike our cardiovascular (blood) supply which uses the heart to pump blood around the body, our lymphatic drainage is reliant on muscle movement to prevent stagnation. Almost any movement will do and I advise my clients who need to sit all day for work to stretch out their muscles as often as possible. Then it helps to get regular exercise at least a few times a week with a walk, yoga, swim, weight training or whatever gets the muscles moving and heart pumping!

Rebounding is particularly useful however, as all that jumping up and down helps to pump the lymph very efficiently, relieving any fluid build-up and increasing overall circulation throughout your body. This increased circulation will also help deliver nutrients to your skin cells to rejuvenate your skin and connective tissue.

So, how do you go about rebounding? There are mini trampolines sold especially for the purpose, but any trampoline will do. It’s best to wear loose fitting clothes to allow your skin to move freely and allow plenty of jiggle! It’s also probably best to eat afterwards and not before (depending on your constitution). Start slowly, even keeping your feet on the trampoline to begin with and just gently bounce.

Over time as it becomes easier, and you become fitter, then feel free to bounce as high as your joints will let you! Aim for at least 4 to 5 minutes to start, building up to about 15 to 20 minutes a day (you can stagger it if you need to).

If you haven’t ‘bounced’ for a while, be prepared for a bit of a shock! You’ll feel muscles you didn’t know were there and you’ll suddenly be very aware of how strong your pelvic floor is (or is not). If you’re worried, visit the loo before you bounce and really concentrate on engaging your core and pelvic floor. I find the best way to do this is to pretend someone’s about to hit me in the gut and I ‘brace for impact’. This will usually instinctively ‘switch’ on that whole abdominal/pelvic girdle.

Now, if you don’t have access to a trampoline, then try skipping instead (or just bounce on your bed if you think it’ll hold up to it)!

Have a go and let me know if you feel/see a difference in your cellulite!

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Day 13 and here’s lucky Tip No. 13!
Work out with weights.
This is probably going to be the hardest post to write. Not because I don’t like the subject or have much to say… in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s something I feel so strongly about, I know I’m going to have to use some restraint in my language so I don’t sound too ‘preachy’.
From my own perspective, I had never lifted a barbell, or anything too heavy in fact, until around 6 or 7 years ago. My hubby had caught the CrossFit bug and I used to hear him talking about his workouts and think that anything that sounded that hard couldn’t be good for him! However it didn’t take long for me to notice the changes to his body. He lost the ‘gut’ that had been gradually increasing in size over the years, (despite working out at least a few times a week), his muscles became more defined and for the first time in years, he stopped complaining about his sore knees!
So when my friend suggested I try CrossFit, I reluctantly agreed to give it a go, after all, I didn’t want to turn into a ‘He-Man’ (for the younger generation, that’s a big, muscular looking chappie who looks like he’s eaten all the steroids)!! Nearly 7 years later, I’m still far from a ‘He-Man’, but I can tell you, I feel stronger and fitter than ever before. And I absolutely credit weight lifting for that.
There seems to be a belief that people need to do heaps of cardio to maintain a healthy weight and look good, but the fact is while cardio burns calories and fat when you’re performing it, high-rep strength training will continue to boost your fat-burning (metabolism) for up to 38 hours after the workout. Of course, this happens because weight training is awesome at (first breaking and then) building muscle and muscles use up heaps of energy. Also, as weight training is usually done in more intensive ‘spurts’, your stress hormone (cortisol) won’t stay elevated for as long as an hour-long run for example, which usually means our oestrogen levels won’t stay as elevated either (again, making it easier for us to lose weight).
But here’s one really important thing to take note of, most women will have to work much harder than men to build an equivalent amount of muscle mass simply because we don’t usually have high enough testosterone levels required to build that much muscle. So, working out with weights 3 or 4 times a week will get you a lean, healthy, well-defined body, and I promise in most cases you won’t end up “looking like a man”. In fact, whenever I hear anyone saying this, I inwardly laugh as I know just how hard it is to build muscle mass and it sure isn’t going to happen overnight, if ever!
Dynamic weight lifting (i.e. using free weights/ barbell as opposed to machines) will tone all muscles including your core, so it’s great if you’ve had back problems after pregnancy/ kids. Also, weight lifting can also help with bone density, which is super-important for us girls to prevent osteoporosis.
Plus, studies suggest that it can also result in better cognitive function (improved memory, verbal reasoning and a longer attention span). Plus, being strong makes you feel like a badass and it comes in pretty handy when you’re trying to move furniture.
So, give it a go will you? Just for me?
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If you don’t already own one, perhaps it’s time to ask Santa for a foam roller? They really are a fantastic tool to help with general mobility and are great to relieve stiffness/ soreness after a workout. There are millions of you-tube tutorials, pinterest pins and fitness pages dedicated to helping you foam roll efficiently, so I won’t go into details here, but it’s definitely worth exploring more. Here’s a good place to start:

One of the lesser-known side-effects of foam rolling is that it can, temporarily at least, help with the appearance of cellulite. Foam rolling is designed to stretch out your body’s soft tissues, especially your connective tissues (aka fascia) to break down any fibrosis or “knots”. Regular, effective rolling will help to restore elasticity and allow freer muscle movement. It’s basically like giving yourself a deep tissue massage.

This massage also helps to stimulate increased blood and lymphatic circulation. And we know that any increase in blood flow to the skin will help maintain a healthier skin as the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to keep the skin cells healthy. Plus a boosted lymphatic system means that you’ll have less build-up of lymph fluid, leaving you feeling lighter and more rejuvenated, as well as experiencing the long-term benefits of a healthy lymphatic system.

If Santa needs some help choosing a roller, then a medium to high-density roller is best. You can start off with smooth rollers, and work your way up to using one with deeper ridges that will really help with that myofascial release and fibrotic cellulite.

Happy rolling!

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Is it just me, or is your newsfeed saturated with essentials oils at the moment? It seems half of the bloggers I follow promote DoTerra or another brand of essential oils, which makes me believe that they’re really gaining in popularity. Although essential oils have been used in natural medicine for gazillions of years* (*not actual statistic), it seems that they are becoming more popular than ever before. Which is truly a marvellous thing. As our lives seem to have become more and more saturated with toxic elements, it’s wonderful that we can use these oils as natural alternatives to their more toxic counterparts.

I have by no means the largest collection of oils, but there are a few staples I couldn’t live without. Eucalyptus for laundry & cleaning, tea tree for spots, grazes & shampoo (to keep nits away), peppermint for headaches and making the house smell fresh, ‘Breathe Easy’ blend for stuffy noses etc. etc.

And then there are the oils I use on my body. In my lush body lotion I blend coconut oil with shea butter and a blend of oils I specially selected for their circulation boosting and detoxing qualities. For example, there’s grapefruit, rosemary, cyprus and fennel sweet oils which are known to increase blood & lymphatic circulation to help flush toxins from the skin and relieve fluid retention. Then cinnamon-bark oil, juniper and witch hazel which helps to refine and tighten your skin, leaving it looking refreshed and toned. And the best thing about this wonderful pot of goodness? It’s the smell! It’s simply divine and seems to suit all skin types as everyone that tries it keeps coming back for more.

If you think your body needs a little hydration and TLC, then let me know if you’d like me to put a jar aside for you!




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Here’s the thing. Supplements will never replace, or ever be as good, as a decent whole-food diet. Everyone should ideally eat a diet rich in saturated (healthy) fats, grass-fed/free-range/wild caught proteins with a medley of seasonal organically-grown (mostly) cruciferous vegetables and some fruit for special occasions. But, let’s face it, that kind of diet requires a lot of effort and sometimes we fall short. That’s where supplements can help.

Now, bear in mind that some supplements can do more harm than good, so it’s always best to seek out the advice of a health professional (Holistic Doctor and/or Naturopath) before handing over good money for any supplements. The most thorough approach is to be tested for any deficiencies, though most holistic health professionals will be able to ascertain what your body needs from taking a thorough history of any symptoms you may be presenting with and a good look at your diet.

Just to get the conversation started however, I’m going to suggest some here that might be worth looking at.

Let’s start with collagen-boosting supplements as these are key to maintaining healthy, supple skin and should prevent cellulite from worsening.

Many moons ago, when humans began to hunt and then raise animals, they would have eaten every part of the animal. The bits that couldn’t be eaten directly (e.g. bones) would have been simmered to make a bone broth rich in minerals and nutrients such as gelatin, calcium, magnesium, glucosamine, chondroitin, silicon and more. Unfortunately, we rarely eat like this nowadays, so it’s harder to find the same nutrients in a modern diet.

If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to make bone broth at home, supplements like glucosamine, silica and gelatin (collagen powder) can support your skin’s regeneration and maintain its strength and elasticity.

Then there’s Gotu Kola, an ancient herb which is said to be helpful in stimulating the production of protein molecules to increase collagen production. It also boosts blood circulation which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Vitamins can also help you maintain a healthy, glowing skin, for example vitamin B6 assists in relieving excess fluid buildup, vitamin C helps to detox and strengthen the skin and vitamin E is known to improve circulation. Antioxidants such as co-enzyme Q10, black pepper extract and cinnamon root extract are also known to increase circulation and promote healthy skin.

Green tea is high in antioxidants and is believed to improve the body’s ability to burn calories which is useful if you’re trying to lose a few kilos.

Then there are supplements which are often recommended for general good health such as fish oils (ideally fermented cod liver oil for vitamins A and D), and magnesium (glycinate) for normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones and the heart and particularly useful in chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.

The only thing I’d add to this list are probiotic/prebiotic blends to nourish a healthy gut. But stay tuned for more on that tomorrow!!!

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Prebiotics are plant fibers that are undigestable until they reach the large intestine (colon). They then ferment in the colon, where they produce short-chain fatty acids and increase bowel function. They are a source of ‘food’ for the healthy bacteria in the gut, which are known as probiotics. Until relatively recently, prebiotics and probiotics were not widely known about, however, we now know that they serve a very important role in our bodies.
Our intestines contain over 400 different species of bacteria, some good for the health, and some that can be damaging. Getting the balance of ‘good’ (aka probiotic) and ‘bad’ bacteria is vital for long-term health.
A healthy prebiotic/probiotic ratio can help balance the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria and can prevent and help improve gut problems such as constipation, bloating, inflammation and damage to the gut lining which, if left untreated, can potentially cause leaky gut syndrome. As our digestive system makes up more than 70 % of our body’s immune system, an imbalance in the gut flora can also lead to other health issues such as hormonal imbalances, infections, weight gain, inflammatory disorders, allergies and potentially even autoimmune disorders*.
Studies also show that an imbalance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut also affects our emotional and mental health as brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA are all made in the gut. These chemicals help to regulate many processes in the brain such as mood, sleep, anxiety, depression, aggression, memory and appetite. In fact many synthetic antidepressants increase levels of these same chemicals.
So, what causes an imbalance in bacteria in the first place?
One of the most common causes is thought to be a highly processed, high glycaemic diet with some artificial food colourings being particularly detrimental. Stress is also a major factor, as is the use of antibiotics. Some people believe that chlorinated and fluoridated water may also cause an imbalance.
What can we do about it?
Increase the number of prebiotics in your diet. Inulin is a common prebiotic found in (raw) onions, garlic, asparagus, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes. Bananas, kiwi fruit, flaxseeds, chia seeds, oats, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes and green vegetables, in particular dandelion leaves, are also high in prebiotic fibre.
Also, step up your probiotic intake. Probiotics are found in yoghurt (choose a good greek-style yoghurt without additives), kefir, sour cream, cheese, fermented vegetables e.g. sauerkraut & kimchi, raw apple cider vinegar, kombucha, sourdough bread, pickles and fish sauce etc.
Or, take it to the next level and incorporate synbiotics into your diet, i.e. prebiotics taken with probiotics. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
– Yogurt or kefir with honey and chia seeds
– Kombucha with kiwi fruit
– Sour cream with garlic
– Feta cheese and onions
– Oats with yoghurt & kiwi fruit
– Greens sauté with garlic and sour cream-
– Sour pickled asparagus
P.S. Keep an eye out for a post about Kombucha tomorrow as this little champion deserves its own place in the spotlight!
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Dating back over 2000 years, historians report that Chinese warriors drank kombucha before going into battle, referring to it as “the remedy for immortality”. Although, I can’t promise immortality, I can assure you of its many health benefits.
Kombucha is a sweetened tea that is fermented with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) over a week or two, turning sugar into acids and probiotics. The result is a power-house of nutrition.
It’s widely known that tea, and in particular green tea, contains a significant amount of anti-antioxidants. Antioxidants fight environmental toxins (“free radicals”), and can therefore prevent and lessen wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity. Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) an anti-oxidant that is 100 times stronger than vitamin C.
In fact green tea has been proven to increase metabolism, reduce belly fat and stabilise blood sugar levels. And if that doesn’t sound good enough, let me tell you that kombucha can actually increase the antioxidants found in tea.
One cup of kombucha contains approximately 20% of the daily value of B-Vitamins as well as Vitamin C and billions of beneficial enzymes and acids including gluconacetobacter, lactobacillus (both bacteria), and zygosaccharomyces (yeast). Kombucha contains significant amounts of glucaric acid, which helps the detoxification and elimination of some metabolic waste products from the body by improving liver function, as well as maintaining a healthy cellular function and regulating estrogen levels. Then there’s glucuronic acid, which binds to toxins to expedite their excretion through the kidney or intestines.
A couple of days ago I discussed supplements and one of the first I mentioned was glucosamine. Guess what? Kombucha is a natural source of glucosamines, so it’s great for joint health and also to promote skin regeneration – maintaining strength and elasticity to help alleviate the appearance of cellulite.
All this goodness usually comes with a hefty price tag doesn’t it? What if I told you, you can brew your own and it will only cost cents? It’s so easy to make at home. All you need are some large jars (old pickle jars do well), a few tea bags (I use Aldi organic green tea) and a little granulated white sugar.
Then find a scoby from someone who already brews, (most people are happy to give a couple away), and within a week or two, you can enjoy drinking your own health elixir. It usually tastes a little more ‘vinegary’ than the store-bought varieties, but you can add some fruit for a second fermentation and I promise you, you’ll love it!
If you’re keen to have a go, let me know if you’d like me to put a scoby aside for you in the next few weeks and I’ll share a quick ‘how to brew’ to simplify the whole process!
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Cranberries have been a go-to for many health concerns for centuries. They originated in North America where Native Americans used them to treat illnesses such as skin infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs). They have the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any fruit (1750 ORAC units per 100gms) and are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, E, & K, plus folic acid, calcium, magnesium, manganese and fiber (to name just a few).


While they are best known for their protection against UTIs, they also provide powerful antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory benefits that have multiple benefits such as:


  • Improved immunity e.g. lowered risk of catching colds & flu
  • Reduced risk of some cancers
  • Cardiovascular benefits such as lowered blood pressure
  • Liver detoxification
  • Improved gut health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved oral health


The key anti-oxidants that are worth a special mention are:

  • Proanthocyanidins & Anthocyanins —polyphenols & flavonoids that are associated with prevention of almost every chronic disease in modern times! They’re credited with the ability to destroy free radicals in the body and promote weight loss.
  • Cranberry is THE best source of quercetin, a powerful phytonutrient and anti-inflammatory compound that’s been proven to reduce allergies, relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation of the arterial walls.
  • Cranberries contain two times more catechin and epicatechin than blueberries. Catechinscan help reduce body fat and epicatechin can stimulate the regeneration and growth of muscle tissue as well as reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.
  • Cranberries powerful antiseptic properties are mostly due to benzoic acidwhich reduces infection and kills the bacteria that causes many UTIs and even acne.


So many benefits! But today, I’m here to talk about how cranberries can help you get rid of your cellulite.

The humble cranberry helps with fat loss by increasing adiponectin, a hormone that’s been proven to lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels, lower insulin secretion and resistance and prevent accumulation of excess body fat.

Because cranberries are a natural diuretic, they help to prevent fluid build up which can make cellulite appear worse.

Cranberries are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, both of which are vital to the production of healthy collagen and connective tissue, so a regular intake of cranberries will help your skin feel more supple and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Convinced yet? I thought so, but hang on one second, don’t just run out and grab a bottle of Ocean Spray. Many of the shop-bought juices contain more sugar than anything else. Also, because cranberries are pretty intensively farmed, many farmers use toxic chemicals that really ought to be avoided to boost their crops, so it’s best to choose organic. stocks 1kg bags of frozen berries which should last you some time. You can pop them in smoothies, oatmeal, açai bowls or salsa or just make your own ‘juice’ using a one-to-eight ratio of cranberry juice to water. It’s pretty tart so you may need to add some sweetner. Or pop a few in your kombucha for a second fermentation and a festive fizz!


Now, there’s one small catch, if you use blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin, it’s best not to eat too many, as cranberries could increase their anticlotting effects. Also, although it’s great for UTIs, cranberries can cause a higher excretion of oxalate in urine which could increase your risk of kidney stones.

Which do you reckon wins for best cellulite-busting drink? Kombucha or cranberry juice, or both?

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I know many of my tips to date have spoken about diet and hydration and you may be wondering when I’m going to get down to the ‘skincare’ (i.e. what products you should use), but that’s very intentional!
Cellulite, weight gain and skin issues are problems that quite often indicate a deeper problem. As Hippocrates stated nearly 2,500 years ago “all disease begins in the gut”. OK, so maybe not all, but we know that a significant number of diseases have a correlation with poor digestion and an imbalance in gut bacteria which can affect everything in our bodies.
The most common causes of poor gut health are food allergies and intolerances. An allergy is the reaction of our immune system to a substance (allergen) that may be quite harmless to other people. When our bodies sense a ‘foreign’ substance, it will produce antibodies to expel these foreign substances and cause an inflammatory response. Some people may suffer severe reactions (anaphylaxis) while some will only induce milder reactions such as feeling bloated, lethargy, brain fog or eczema.
Allergies are on the increase with about 2 in 100 adults reporting allergic reactions to foods such as egg, cow’s milk, peanut, tree nuts, seafood, sesame, soy, fish and wheat. Food allergy symptoms usually develop quickly after consumption of the allergen, but symptoms caused by food intolerance can occur up to 72 hours later and are usually related to the amount of the food consumed.
If the gut lining is continually being irritated by allergens, then this will often result in nutritional deficiencies. If your body isn’t getting the nourishment it needs to thrive, then your skin will struggle to regenerate as it should and your response to treatments like Endermologie may be slower.
Also, the resulting inflammation from exposure to these allergens means that your lymphatic system (as well as other organs which are responsible for filtering toxic waste such as the liver and kidneys) can become overwhelmed. This allows toxic waste to build up in and around the fat cells of the skin, making cellulite appear worse.
So what can we do about it?
Number one is to identify any foods that might cause problems. Take the time to think about how you feel after you’ve eaten certain foods. For example, many people report that eating gluten (e.g. in bread or pasta) leaves them feeling bloated. Dairy can make cause a build-up of mucus and sugar can mess with your mood.
Next, systematically eliminate those offending foods. For example, give up all gluten products for a couple of weeks and take notice if you feel any changes physically or mentally. Once you’ve eliminated all potential allergens, your body can go about recovering and soon you’ll notice a difference in your skin too.
Note, it’s a good idea to discuss any elimination diet with your healthcare professional.
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Eeek, it’s my 21st Tip from my Christmas Countdown. Holy smoley, where has this month gone?

Right, let’s get to it quickly, I know everyone is super, frantically busy!

This is a quick and easy one. Use Apple Cider Vinegar.

Where you ask? Pretty much everywhere, seriously that stuff is almost magic!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is basically fermented apple juice. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek doctor used it to cleanse wounds. Nowadays it’s proported to help with weight loss, fight diabetes, reduce cholesterol, treat acne and add shine to hair!

Some of its ‘magic’ results from the fact that it’s mostly made up of acetic acid, which improves the absorption of minerals from food. Not only will it improve digestion, the acetic acid also helps to reduce the glycemic index of foods, slowing down the release of sugars into the bloodstream which results in reduced appetite and cravings.

ACV has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce harmful blood lipids that cause high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people who suffer from hyperlipidemia (excess fat in the blood), helping to maintain better overall health. Some studies claim that it can also help reduce body weight and abdominal fat.

It’s also rich in polyphenols which are anti-oxidants that can prevent or slow down cell damage, so it works to rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level, and some people like to dilute it and use it as a toner too (though I’ve never tried it).

It’s best to get a natural ACV, preferably with the ‘mother’ (the other is like the scoby for kombucha, it’s a ‘globby’ looking mix of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria. Only catch is, it’s pretty unpalatable. And drinking it neat is not greatly recommended. So, ideally use it in salad dressings or dilute it in water. Some people start the day off with a cup of cooled boiled water with a couple of tablespoons of ACV, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey to fire up their metabolism!

I’ve also heard of people making a paste with ACV and honey and applying it straight onto the skin to help with cellulite, but again, I haven’t tested this. If you’re tempted, then let me know how it goes!



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Christmas Countdown Tip No. 22 to maintain healthy skin and get the most from your Endermologie treatments:

Avoid excessive sun exposure or wear a natural sun-block to avoid sun damage.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the sun! My pale Irish skin can’t get enough of it. It’s like chocolate, a little does you good, but too much of it all at once is not a great idea. Sunshine is vital for good health, it’s the over-indulgence that causes the problem!

Gentle daily sun exposure is necessary to allow our bodies to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is credited with providing protection from bone conditions such as osteoporosis as well as breast, colon & prostate cancers, heart diseasedepression and weight gain. Some research even suggests that vitamin D deficiency may be a causative factor in autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, neuromuscular diseases and autism.

Sun exposure can cause short-term problems such as sunburn, dehydration and changes to skin pigmentation. However, sun exposure is also cumulative, which means a lifetime of exposure will increase the risk of cataracts as well as skin damage such as wrinkles, premature skin ageing and several different types of skin cancer.

Excessive sun exposure will reduce the production of collagen and elastin which are key to keeping skin firm and supple. Over time, skin will lose tone and dark spots and wrinkles will appear.

Endermologie will go some way to reawakening collagen production, but ongoing sun exposure will continue to cause damage.

Ideally, 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure a day is plenty (in fact we only need 10 minutes twice a week for adequate Vit D production), thereafter, it’s best to cover your skin and/or apply sunscreen. Be generous and re-apply after swimming or sweating profusely.


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Thank you to the gorgeous Steph for this wonderful review!

Peninsula Endermologie Presents: Your Summer Body  December 20, 2017

If I were to say CelluM6 Integral to you, would you know what I was talking about? No, neither would I- but thanks to Niamh Hislop from Peninsula Endermologie, we can get up to speed with this revolutionary practice. 

We have all been there, some of us (me) there now, where all of a sudden it’s Wednesday the 20th of December- how!?- and you’re staring at yourself in the mirror realising you kind of, most definitely, missed the ‘get my summer 17/18 bod’ memo. Thanks to endermologie, which is surprisingly unheard of, you can get that extra help and extra motivation aka. a kick in the butt. 

Short and simple: endermologie is a ‘lipo massage’ that stimulates your skin by using vacuum suction and mechanised rollers. This sends a signal deep down to the fat cells to activate lipolysis – which is the natural release of fat – and increases this release by up to70%! After your session you then either sweat it out, or drink a ton load of water, and flush out all those stubborn, nasty toxins your body naturally finds difficult to dispose of. This not only assists in weight loss, but also muscle repair, cellulite eradication, and best of all, leaves you feeling totally energised. I can confirm, after my sessions with Niamh I would return to work and smash out all of my tasks with crazy motivation, because you honestly feel great. The only way I can explain it, is how you feel after a huge workout, once you have had your hot shower and are lying on the couch in your comfy clothes watching your favourite TV Show and your muscles feel fabulous. It’s heavenly.

Peninsula Endermologie, and the ever so lovely Niamh, offer this beneficial service to the Mornington Peninsula community. Located in Mount Eliza, at 120 Humphries Road in a private treatment room, Niamh can help you achieve your health goals and dream body you didn’t think was possible- and the best part? The sessions are only 35 minutes! What I loved most about my treatments was how informative Niamh was, I now know so much more about cellulite- why we have it, what we can do to reduce it and how to get rid of it, as well as the importance of eradicating our body of toxins that build up over time. Endermologie is great for your booty, thighs, stomach (all the stubborn fat locations we all dread exposing on the beach in summer), and anywhere you may have a build up of lactic acid from your training, as well areas with tissue damage- which is the whole reason LPG was created. I personally couldn’t recommend this treatment enough, I have even told my dad to head on down to Peninsula Endermologie to assist with his sore calves. Still need convincing? Here is what others have to say about it:

“I tried Peninsula Endermologie last year when I was training for comp! Was so worried about my little dimples being on show when I was going to be wearing nothing other than a tiny bikini! I booked 10 sessions and I have to say, I’ve never had sooo many compliments on my bum! One particular person commented that I had NO cellulite whatsoever! Best thing I have ever done was to go see Niamh for these treatments!! Would also like to say that visiting Niamh was like visiting a friend for a catch up, so friendly and welcoming/ Would 100% recommend Peninsula Endermologie to everyone, after all, summer is only just around the corner…. :)”   Tracey. September 2017

 “For poor circulation and sluggish lymphatics, Niamh’s treatment was wonderful. Painless, informative, professional and even relaxing!!! Niamh has such a warm and lovely nature that I felt so comfortable and at ease in her care. Even after one session, my hands haven’t felt cold!!! It feels lovely to have supported my body and felt like all I have done is had a massage!! Thank you gorgeous Niamh.”  Tory. July 2016

“Fantastic!! This has been amazing for me. The difference in my body before and after have been amazing. Areas toned and are noticeably thinner and smoother. Plus no more flappy underarm thingy and I have even noticed the swelling under my chin has gone due to the boost in circulation and “rewiring” of my lymphatic system. Thank you Niamh xx”  Angela. November 2016

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Day 23 and the penultimate tip for a healthy, happy body!

Try to reduce your exposure to environmental pollutants.

OK, so I know the pic is a little dramatic, and it’s easy to get carried away with worry about the amount of pollutants we’re exposed to daily. But let’s face it, nature has always provided it’s fair share of toxicity (mushrooms, snakes, spiders etc.), so there’s no need to panic about some elements that are beyond our control. At the same time I do think it’s best to try and minimise our exposure to toxins wherever we can. Below is a round-up of some of the known toxins we can avoid with conscious purchasing.

Here’s the ‘why”: regular exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as bromine, benzene, formaldehyde and acetone (found in paint, carpets etc) are known to cause headaches, respiratory problems, allergies and even neurological changes. Some of these VOCs (e.g. benzene) are also believed to be cancer-causing. Commonly used air fresheners often contain phthalates, which are known endocrine disruptors and are particularly harmful to small children.

Even the products we apply to our skin can often be toxic. Take Nivea for example, which used to be my go-to daily moisturiser. Unfortunately, it’s a blend of semi-synthetic fatty acids and waxes, oestrogenic parabens, contact allergens and penetration enhancers, synthetic fragrances and potentially carcinogenic chemicals. Sure it makes your skin look good for a while, but it’s certainly not doing you any favours in the long-run.

As our bodies store toxins in fat, reducing the amount of toxic VOCs your body is exposed to will, in the long-term, reduce the appearance of cellulite and more importantly, help you to maintain a healthy body.

Here are a few of the worst chemicals to be on the lookout for:

– Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA was first used commercially in the 1950s to harden plastics, and make epoxy resin to line food and drink containers. It can disrupt natural hormones and it’s been linked to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma, behavioral problems in children, depression and obesity, as well as fertility problems such as miscarriage, decreased sperm production in men and early puberty in girls.

BPA is found in the linings of food cans, and it’s used as a coating on receipts, as well as some plastic products and as a flame retardant. As BPA has been banned for some uses (e.g. baby bottles), its replacement; bisphenol S (BPS) is also thought to disrupt normal cell functioning, leading to serious health problems. To minimise your exposure, try to avoid canned foods, choose bottles free from BP-plastics (choosing a glass or stainless steel one instead) and choose not to take a receipt.

– Phthalates are chemicals which are reposted to interfere with our reproductive hormones oestrogen (estradiol) and testosterone, increasing our risk of developing breast cancer and potentially causing damage the to liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system, including birth defects in baby boys.

They’re used in synthetic fragrances, nail polish, paints and many other plastic products e.g. cling wrap, food containers, flooring, shower curtains, synthetic leather etc. So, to avoid them, steer away from anything with a synthetic fragrance, any vinyl products and store food in glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers.

– Flame retardants (PBDEs) These toxic chemicals are carried in dust to our lungs, entering our blood stream and breast milk. They are linked to some cancers, fertility problems and neurolgical and developmental problems in young children, resulting in lowered IQs.

They’re used to make foam, so are found in furniture, carpet underlay, electronics, mattresses, pillows, car seats, strollers etc. To avoid them, try and seek out products that specifically state that PBDEs are not used and any furniture made with foam and encourage your children to wash their hands regularly to avoid ingesting the contaminants.

– Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) PFCs are used to make non-stick pots and pans and act as a water and stain repellent for clothes, upholstery and carpets. They are known to affect thyroid function and potentially cause infertility. To avoid them, stay clear of anything that has Teflon, Gore-Tex, or Stainmaster.

– Triclosan is an anti-microbial found in anti-bacterial soap and some toothpastes. Again, it’s thought to disrupt thyroid function and hormone levels. Studies show that a natural soap and warm water will be just as effective in getting rid of germs.

Check out / The Low Tox Fox for a great range of non-toxic products. Amy, the owner, stocks everything from natural skincare to gorgeous bed linen so makes the transition to low-tox living easy and glamorous!

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This is it, the very last tip in my Christmas Countdown.

This is a hard one to name and can be an even harder one to stick to, but it’s necessary for good health (and good looks in my opinion)!

Love yourself

In the words of Buddha “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

It’s so easy in this age of social media and clever advertising to judge ourselves against others, or at least our perception of what other’s lives look like. In order to be really happy we need to accept every part of ourselves; the good, the bad and the ugly. As much as I find it hard to make friends with my cellulite, after years of really not liking my legs, I can now at least appreciate them for their strength.

Now, I’m no guru and I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, but I know how important it is to take time to nourish your relationship with yourself. I sometimes say to my friends if they’re being hard on themselves, to approach any matter as though you’re dealing with your beloved child. If your child said they felt ugly, how would you respond? If your child said they felt inadequate, how would your respond? I reckon it’s a good little trick to remind ourselves how wonderful we really are.

Here’s a little ‘checklist’ for us (yup, me too) to keep ourselves on track!

  • Feed your body the food it deserves, even if it takes more time or costs more
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Find an exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly
  • Make time for the stuff that makes you happy and say ‘no’ to anything that makes you unhappy
  • Stop comparing. You’ve got no idea what’s really going on in peoples’ lives and remember social media is just a highlights reel
  • Don’t judge. What other people do is none of your business. Just as what people say about you, is none of your business
  • Be kind to others
  • Invest in friendships. Have at least one good friend who nourishes you and makes you feel at peace
  • Explore the world as much as you can, even if that just means taking a different route around the local park
  • Care less about how you look and how much you weigh and spend more time reminding yourself about how amazing your body is
  • Quieten the critical internal dialogue that tells you you’re not good enough
  • Be prepared to make an idiot of yourself every now and then, nobody’s perfect!
  • Be grateful for your blessings in life
  • Set goals that you want to achieve and work towards them
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